Pallid Fingers 2

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Yay 50k Views! Thanks everyone!
VERSION 3 UPLOADED. This has the following fixes:
1- song titles in the credits
2- no more lag for anyone, garunteed
3- fixed menu button @ end of credits

The lucrative nettles trade is almost uncovered on Salad Finger's birthday in the final installment of my Salad Fingers parody, Pallid Fingers 2.
If you notice any bugs let me know. Runtime is almost 14 minutes, about 17,000 frames. 3 months of of work finally here.
This imy 2 F-Day submission. F-Day is about overrated authors in general, and my parody is about Salad Fingers. So a happy F-Day to you all! Now grab a snack, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.



That was very good, although I guess I liked the orginal better, but still, this was great. Its cool how you took the Salad Fingers characters and kind of made them your own, but didn't totally ruin them (My favorite line has to be "Stainless steel? Who invited you?"). The only problem I noticed was that the lip synic on the character with the shaved head (I didn't catch his name some how) kinda didn't match a few times. Great jorb, keep up the good work

rtil responds:

i'll have to check up on that thanks for the review

I can't believe how much this series has improved!

This was an amazing, funny flash. I thought the first one was funny, but this put it to shame. I loved all the randomness and great jokes. Also, all the refrences to salad Fingers were hilliarious. Great job. Too bad this series has to end though.

rtil responds:

glad you liked it better than the first thanks for the review

Randomly funny

That is the most random flash moive I have seen in my life. Its funnyly randomly kinda funny. Puting drinks down the toilet, talking pikachu (I though that was impossible lol) and some really wird dolly pram. Its, well FANTASIC!!!!!!!!!

im luvvin it!

this is a great animation. although its quite random its easy to get into even if u hadnt seen the ones before. not much mentioned bout salad fingers though as much, and his rusty things (lol). i love your sense of humor too its like unique and quite ... strange....


very nice.

parodies salad fingers perfectly. I liked the thug life carraige haha that's funny...and the jiggly puff part was funneh too...

good job rtil, can't wait for numero tres.

rtil responds:

there is no numero tres, ese.
glad you enjoyed the carriage. i bet you want them spinnaz.

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Dec 17, 2005
2:57 AM EST
Comedy - Parody