Pallid Fingers 2

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Yay 50k Views! Thanks everyone!
VERSION 3 UPLOADED. This has the following fixes:
1- song titles in the credits
2- no more lag for anyone, garunteed
3- fixed menu button @ end of credits

The lucrative nettles trade is almost uncovered on Salad Finger's birthday in the final installment of my Salad Fingers parody, Pallid Fingers 2.
If you notice any bugs let me know. Runtime is almost 14 minutes, about 17,000 frames. 3 months of of work finally here.
This imy 2 F-Day submission. F-Day is about overrated authors in general, and my parody is about Salad Fingers. So a happy F-Day to you all! Now grab a snack, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.



that was really long,i didnt finish seening it,i saw what i needed to see,i saw you got a lot of talent in flash making the story was well done maybe a little boring in certain part,but overall its okay,i like how the characters look and how they react but where the arms what the deal with that,so overall this is a good flash and i hope to see number 3 really soon...

rtil responds:

don't review things you don't finish watching
there won't be a pallid fingers 3

dude you tried to hard to make it good,and to long

it was to long and i just got bored, they graphics werent that great they didnt even have arms, some parts were confusing and others were screwed up. apart from that i think it was o.k a few bad pionts but over all it was good

rtil responds:

they're not supposed to have arms
this isn't supposed to be normal and make perfect sense
get an attention span and come back later

Great work, and a great parody!

Way to go on this sequel to your first parody, i dont remember too much about the first one but i do know that this one was a huge improvement over an already great movie. I think basically everything was done better in this, from visuals to humour. I did enjoy this one for sure though, and everything was actually done pretty well, and as a parody to salad fingers it was simply fantastic, you basically made fun of everything you needed to, in order to make a very successful parody. Here is my review.

The graphics were great by themselves, but when compared to that of salad fingers, they looked nearly identical, you did a great job of capturing the whole feel to that weird series while adding in some new stuff of your own. The drawings of the characters from the series and your own were pretty good and even yours seemed to fit in to this odd environment. The detail in the characters and some instances in the backgrounds was pretty good, more than sufficient in some cases. The animation was good, and again in some cases helped make this parody more similar to the real thing. The style was awesome too, not only for making this look like the series, but for pretty much everything else that helps style. For example the idea was awesome, first making a parody, and then what you put in it sort of. The presentation was awesome because you managed to put many memorable parts from the series in this, such as the Nettles, and Jeremy Fisher. I liked the storyline too, though a little disorganized and vague and some points, it seemed you were trying to do it this way to match that of the real series. The sound was awesome too, the voices were eerie, and Salad Fingers' voice sounded so close to the actual one. I really enjoyed the sound effects too, as well as the quick/loud noises when the screen was flashing quickly, and then quickly back.

Overall this was an awesome movie that i think any fan of your stuff or the series can enjoy, this isnt quite my favourite submission that youve submitted to this site, but its probably right under first. Anyways keep it up, im looking forward to another one of your movies!
~Two Thumbs Way Up! 4/5

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rtil responds:

wow thanks for the insightful review
glad you think i captured the essence of salad fingers for this parody
and that you think i made fun of everything there is to make fun of, because there is no way in hell there's going to be a Pallid Fingers 3.
Expect much different submissions from me in the future.


man i do not beived no one else has made a movie like this.this movie needs more awards for how alsome it is.

Nice work dawg!

That was some nice work and a wicked sequel to the first one, theres barely anything id improve on that. Nice work !

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Dec 17, 2005
2:57 AM EST
Comedy - Parody