Pallid Fingers 2

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Yay 50k Views! Thanks everyone!
VERSION 3 UPLOADED. This has the following fixes:
1- song titles in the credits
2- no more lag for anyone, garunteed
3- fixed menu button @ end of credits

The lucrative nettles trade is almost uncovered on Salad Finger's birthday in the final installment of my Salad Fingers parody, Pallid Fingers 2.
If you notice any bugs let me know. Runtime is almost 14 minutes, about 17,000 frames. 3 months of of work finally here.
This imy 2 F-Day submission. F-Day is about overrated authors in general, and my parody is about Salad Fingers. So a happy F-Day to you all! Now grab a snack, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


Even better than the original!

Though the only thing that the original has that this doesn't is a mystic plot. It makes you ask questions, though none of the will be answered, but it'll open up a discussion that will never end.

However, i find this one better. But i reckon that it is beacuse you see familiar faces getting bullying others that weren't in the series until this flash. Except for the gangsta teleporter, of course, he went on mocking the ''normal'' characters.

And the animation was great, it was really portraitlike. At first i expected some cut out characters that you didn't draw yourself, but as you turned Jeremy into a real homie, and Salad to a drug addict (i believe), it turned out you stood for a majority of the animations. Heh, i've tried to do some fanart of Salad fingers, but it has always ended up trash, so i know it's hard, so you get very high score for that. One thing i did notice though was that the other ''normal'' characters were a bit sloppy drawn, with only black and white colours. But i don't realy care, beacuse it works!

Excellent sound quality and voice acting. And when the two policemen arrived, It really was the only two characters that didn't have any real human voices in the series. Apart from Jeremy, of course. You did a great job, though i didn't get it when the milkman shouted: ''BOYAAAH''. Glad you ended it somehow, anyway :)

You make the gore and violence just as good as Firth himself, and i'm really impressed. Blood splattering everywhere when the policemen so brutally where killed, i like that. Poor thing to, the guy who got killed by some Pokémons :)

And the plot. That is the number one thing in this flash. You copied the street laungage perfectly, at least as far as i know. And i'm really a big fan of comedy where people with common sense meets a majority of people without any common sense at all. And it usually ends up bad for the minority of normal people. But it makes you laugh. ''Hold on to my hands'' _ ''You...Don't...even...have...any...''
Pure gold, really. Fantastic. Keep it up!

~ Frost

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rtil responds:

this is quite the well-rounded review.
i know that the two pallid fingers are so much different, but i'm glad you prefer this one. I spent a lot more time and thought on it. Scribblyhead and Oddface were both drawn in under half a minute, and the way they turned out - although sloppy - could not be reproduced, I discovered. So I kept using them and somehow they fit into the flash like you said.
I did draw all the Firth characters myself, which was hard to accomplish because his style of drawing and mine differ completely. But with a little bit of my own flavor (like making Jeremy a gangster) it worked out as well.
Glad you approve of the sound quality. This flash was originally 15MB in its 1st complete draft, I had to do a lot of greuling compression to get this down even to where it is now. When the cop says "booyah", I just wanted to make him seem like a jerk so he was rubbing it in Salad Fingers' face. I recorded it once, kept it as was, and decided the only proper resolution was a tap falling from the sky. It's probably the most confusing part of the episode for everyone, but like you said it just opens up questions, and it would be silly to take Pallid Fingers seriously.
And I'm glad you ended with the plot and the comedy, which were two things I focused on a lot due to the length, and of course to make sure everyone was entertained. The way this developed was something I would never imagine, adding a gangster/street life tone to a world such as Firth's, but it seems it was a success. I'm happy you enjoyed this and I thank you a lot for the thoughtful review, it means a lot to me. =)


genuinely humorous, plus it captures the
same amount of insanity of david's creation
itself, from which it parodies off of. not only
that, but the main characters are very likeable,
from the wigger scribble head, to the person who
never collected all the gym badges in pokemon,
oddface; overall it was a solid flash.
score: ***

A Goldie! ^^

Now, I don't even get everything wright now - the first time i've watched it. BUT this might even be better than Pallid Fingers 1! I know you've heard it all before, but... This is great! Perfect! Wonderful! XD I've laughed myself out through the mess and I was a bit amazed at those 3D 'view changing' scenes. Wow. This submission was so waited for, but totally unecpected too.
I think, the "chill owt dawg" mood was a bit inspired by GTA San Andreas, or am I wrong? :) Well, overall, the movie was perfect. Hope to see other works of yours soon!

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rtil responds:

Glad you enjoyed it, hope you can enjoy it more than once. i've never played san andreas, but that's interesting you think of it from this cartoon, i haven't heard that from anyone. well, thank you for the review. =)

Rtil is aa jeenuos!

I luve tha wurk soe much it is gude


lol started off sort of sterotypical, but then turned out to be so random soo funny. what ever you was taking when you made that can i have some lol on a serious note it was gr8 and the pram lmfao the pokemon joke was good to. plz make more like it :)


rtil responds:

i was on air and a bag of pretzels it's the shit man

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Dec 17, 2005
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