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FDay2: Parody

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Parody and satire play key roles in entertainment. So why not mention it think about it while watching this. Let's see how many people can figure out what I'm parodying.

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This was a great parody!

I know what you where parodying!!! & thois was a great one!!! Foamy & Locks are the greatest & they form together to form a awsome flash.. but I think It could be better.

Hahaha, hilarious!

I love the amount of humor and hilarity you put into this flash! Long live, Clocks! <3


you could have elaborated a bit more.

P.S. Make fun of me cause i'm stupid

Indeed, Winchester speaks truth.

Educate the masses, my friend! <=U

WinchesterLock responds:

Classes start at 9

I must be one of the few that liked it.

okay parts of this sucked bad, mainly the voices, but a lot of these movie have beeen made and I trust the next one will be much better better, this one was okay though, I've seen worse.