December 16, 2005 –
November 26, 2010
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this game is EPIC!

One of the greatest games on here. Very simple.. yet addicting.

but they need to have a warning on number 47

oh christmas tree oh crhistmas tree *lights turn off* *gun sounds* everyone:someone shot down are chrismast tree! timmy:WE ARE SCREWD!

if you hit the cap in the ''hanging by a threat'' the cap will fall upwards :)

its fun and great but gets boring after a while

i find a glitch is in Layout Twenty, you shoot in the box and shoot in the cube :) 9/10

i killed invinceimo

Damn that ninja bottle...

when you shoot the endlless bottle you in the crate you get as much bottle caps a you want

i like it

Thumbs up.

this is fun


i dont know if this was supposed to happen, but igot NaN caps...

I really enjoyed the reflex missions, and idk what people are talking about when they say they want more guns, its clearly a reflex based game. I dont know how it would be any fun if you had a mini gun or something.

it's a fun game for a little while and then it kinda gets boring really fast all i say is more guns and more layouts other than that it;s a good game

On layout 66, if u wanna get the big green bottle, you have to destroy all the little ones, and some levels are hard, but on the other hand, its cool

i got 136318241 caps !!!!!!

did u know that on layout 20 if u shoot the crate u find a greeeeeeenn cube!

i like. some levels are a bit too hard though.

but i shoot the bottels and nothing happens

yay 54269

i got a NaN for caps and it was acturlly infinate very strange



man hat was an awesome game keep up the good work.i never knew shooting bottles could be so fun.nice

I liked it. make more games like this :D

Wow. the game sure is funny and good. Nice game u make

Wow, dude, you really got something against bottle, do you?

nothing gets repetitive,awsome!

in lvl 20 - fuse, after bombing the bottle, shoot the box, there will be a small green thing. shoot it for infinite caps!

kept me entertained for 15 minutes.

I LOVED IT! But the shooting sound got kind of annoying :P

4 Points go to: Originality
5 Points go o: How Fun It Is
Total = 9

But still a very fun bottle killing game!

everyone either does ten or zero... personally, I thought it was retarded but I played all the levels. So, If you think a game's retarded, and yet you must beat it, it must be addicting.

nice stress reliver and is just a good addicting game!!!!

ive found the second secret!. each time you go back a level you loose 2 caps!

this needs levels i hate picking my own

really good game


its ok...not enough action a bit taunting so i gave u 7 stars

really fun game i even baught all the secrets!!but it gets tricky with the cow boy.

not enough action

i agree with darraghjay why call it bottle blaster 4?

its pretty stupid needs action

here is a secret on lvl twenty or fuse shoot the crate ad there wille a cube with a circle init and every time u shoot it it gives u 100 caps each time

Bottle Blaster1, Bottle Blaster2. Bottle Blaster3,???

im a guy just felt like it. omg! this is so old and yet still so fun! it's been on here for yrs :| ^-^ 10/10 5/5 etc :)

It was ok but something missing...
It seems like all you where aiming for was the caps on the bottles and it didn't matter if you shot the bottles or not...!!

Also i think it would have been better if after you finished a level it would advance automatically .... maybe a small count down till the next level started...

Just got a bit boring after awhile...having said that i did play it to the end so....!!!

i dont LOVE IT its just okay

I like it, but you can improve the graphics : ).

this is weird shooting bottles but i cant stop playin it!!!!

really love the game
in 75 levels i even couldnt finish it all especially the last one
its stunning

loved it!!! great game keep up the good work.

yo someone get high and play trippy

Lol..wierd but this game is really fun to play and all I do is shoot bottles! HAHA!
Very good game and I hope there are more to come. :D

this was really fun played it twice XD

its a good game


layout twenty shoot crate shoot green box shoot=100

Amazingly fun!

nice game i like it

Nice ideas for shooting bottles =)

It ended way too quickly! You should've made some harder levels =]

Lol I could sit here and shoot bottles for hours!

Nice work.

nice game make more!!! lolz :D

verry good work

It's a nice game. It's original and the graphics are good.

this game gets kinda boring after awhile, but good job.

i got NaN caps during tutorial

and its calm and no its not easy.. try getting the cap off flash or eratic behavor

this fuckin game is long ang boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very good graphics, funny and adictive although what were the caps for?

9 out of 10 =]

very relaxing and addictive. 9/10 good job.

dont like easy games

SO ADDICTING LVL 69 FTW the noise for the gun is annoyin tho lol

cause it's so fun shooting the bottles a lot of times and another thing in "fuse" shoot the box and there will be like a cube with a sphere and if you shoot you get 100 caps each shot on it

Freakin' Ausome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice game dude. its like... sooooo addicting..... im hooked. they said not to do drugs.... lol

this game is decent but when your stoned its soo much better :)

i dont know why but only play when bored or stoned cause for some reason it is additing

I love the idea of having crazy bottle and tarzan great job.

im definantly going to add this to my favourites

You should Play if and only if your Bored!

I would rather hit my self in the head with a hammer than play this game... as a matter of fact I did... to get the memory of this game out of my head... on a more serious note ... it's horrible...

crappy game


You'll keep coming back to it until you get a perfect score. And even after that.

I thought it was boring when I was only on a few levels but became insanely addictive after a few levels where the bottles can fight back. Real fun game to pass the time

i remember playing when i didn't have an account or hardly knew what newgrounds was

bottle blaster is back!! and already i give it a 10/10 it just the funniest game you can play :P and i just wish you could do this is real life rofl :) i hope you all enjoy it as much as i did and thanks for making another bottle blaster

just mindless fun. 10/10 :D

addictive game!

best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant stop playing this! mabe ill playit forever!

i can play dis game a billion times, way 2 fun

game i guess

its just shottin some bottles

Awesome but i can buy the boss thing and on lvl 20 shoot the black line then shoot the crate you will see a green thing with a blue ball in it you can kepp shooting it 1 shot= 100 caps!

I like this great idea. but how do I unlock Rage against the machine?

that was absalutly randomly funny, i loved it

cool game good graphics and can take out loads of bottels

I love this game it is the best shooter i have ever played make another with 100 lvs i can play this game for days without getting bored of it this game rocks

this game was awsome!!!! and very extreme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you get a shock if you dont shoot the Helena bottle?

I got 1104 bottle caps.

i got 497 bottle caps XD

wow i goy to say its a very good game lol

I love it so much my eyes r watering lol

who knew shooting bottle caps could be so much fun?
the "minigame" sucks though

OK, but cursor became stuck and not functional. Bottle smashing is interesting.

this game is so fun shoot bottles and bottle caps off

Its cool you shoot bottles, and in the hard levels they shoot you back its so fun and protect the "inocent" bottles lol funny.

Its cool you shoot bottles, and in the hard levels they shoot you back its so fun and protect the "inocent" bottles lol funny.

i got all da levls

i absolutely love shooting games. and this one is even better with all the bottles. great fucking game.



this is the most different game i have ever played!!!

fun bottle smashing action

love it all

game play is great plenty of levels and cool graphics

though the flash level is nearly impossible


i love this game

addicting, i'm still paralized

to get tons of bottle caps just go to the 20th layout and shoot the box then u should see a green cube with a ball in it shoot the cube to get 100 bottle caps (the cube lasts forever)

it is so cool!!!!!!!!!!

cool shoting game

i really enjoyed this game but it needs more levels like bollels in a ufo

simple yet fun



what mutantspider said

kick ASS

Simple can be positive too, but not on this game, it needs more levels and you can't buy all the secrets and one of them is the same as the normal game.
I don't like it that you can just switch levels back and forth, there is no sense and it makes it too easy.
You should have made more guns there.

i got 1000 caps but couldnt find out how to get to the rage against the macine lvl.....hmmm

love it i'ts so good my eyebals fell out from all the caps

wow, i can't believe i jus done em all!
kinda jokes tho

Theres a cheat, in one stage i shot the bottle then i shot a box inside the box was a ball inside a platic box shoot it once you get 100 points.

that was an extremaly great game

there is a secreat thing on the lev the fuse and all you have to do is shoot box and then shoot green box as much as want

The most part of this games are too short, but this is sooooo addicted....

I hope you make a sequel

i love it...soo addictive

1013 points in one go beat that!

for those who are having trouble getting caps go to lvl 20 and shoot the box

why did you make an epileptic level that made me kinda zone out but anyway 1199 caps i feel good

very fun but only 3 stage

Don't have bootles to shot at home? Than this game is right, It's very fun. I love it. It is extreme!

holy fuck that is awesome!!! i love bb4

this game is totally awesome and please add in more backgrounds, this game is so cool that it rock my socks. ( i'm addicted to it )

this game rules

test your skills.

Not Something I prefer killing time with :O

dam thats fun
this is the best bottle murder game!

who knew shooting bottles could be so much fun. needs more back story though and other modes would be nice. i suggest a story mode. 9.9999999/10 youll get your extra .oooooo1 if you take my suggestion. lol

not too bad,kept waiting to come to more of a point than just stage after stage that dont have to be completed to advance but at least i wasted 25 minutes keep em comin

preaty good...pointless fun..its awesome!

Hot bottle-shooting action! Why is this game so dang fun? I don't know, but it's great fun to blast away!

Great stuff.

somehow its tons of fun to shoot bottles. great job john/cloud109

How do u unlocked the bass stage? i have alot of cap and i cant do the boss stage why???

it was fun but a little easy. The thing i liked about it was that it wasnt too long.

funny game more in the part of da gangtas good ya have all my score

bottle blasting fun

It is just the right amount of time!

I play this game like.. every week xD
its one of the best games i ever played.. :D
please, please.. Post Bottle Blaster 5
and btw I havent found the second easter egg in it.. (O.O)
can you give a hint? (a)

There should be a sequl.i love it!!!!

I want that five minutes of my life back. There is no point to this game.


Too short and i dont get it!

levels were very original and some part were kinda funny!! nice job, keep it up!

It was an amazintg game, but why the hell can't i play the boss level thing???

why cant i buy "race against the machine"?
its only a way to waste caps!
and if you look hard enough there is a game on here where you shove someone down stairs XD

THIS IS THE BEST SHOOTING GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice game!!! and by the way, cloud we're just asking random questions : ) no need to take it out on us : P please make 5 soon!!!

sweet game good graphics and tell me if i spelled that right.

Om layout twenty, fuse, shoot the box, and youll see a blue cube thing. Each time you shoot it, you get 100 "caps"

where can we find the only bottleblaster games cuz all i found was a prawn site O_O and wheres the original easteregg and when i bought one of the things from the shop it zeroed out all my caps and said i still need to buy it

I don't think the 100 level is coming out,is it?

if youre not a man of pactiance this is not ur game

Dude, love the game. Especially level 20... it's halarious. Love the fact that they fight back... some of it lagged though.. still, awesome work, man!

just fun, brilliant. i don't know if anyone else picked up on tis but did you make some subtle matrix refrences?

it was a relly enuging geam but i pleayd it eneway the %/)=¤#%!t off it orl´l was probeli THAT THE BOTTEL HAD GUNS OEN MOMENT THAT WAS %/)=¤#%!EN WIRD IN A GOD WAY.

this game is so hot i like destroying bottles a little bit long but this is fun very fun

why cant we do the boss battle plz respond

I love shooting and I like soda but put together THAT IS ASOME

i found a cheat or a hint that will help people on layout 25 shoot the box and there will be a cube every time u shoot it u will get 100 caps its not breakable, and on inviblos last stand keep shooting the cap off and u ll get about 25 caps hopes this helps great game!

this is the best game ever you shold advertise it on google and stuff great yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU R GREAT AT MAKING GAMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is fun. its intense and all of the different things are cool. but some of the flashes hurt my eyes

dude that ws mad fun the only one i couldnt get was the flash. ou tricky bastard lol but i liked it alot

gets boring after a while

Love it though.

when i go to gallery when i go to other pages in gallery some of my coins the top of the bottle loose my rating 1/5 >:)

i like the game, its one of the most original target shooters ive played and looks darn good to

what eva


this thin and sires rules are you planning on makeing more??? a perfect 10!!!

It was a great game and it had good graphics!!!

<<<<<It was cool>>>>>>

this game takes a very long time and if your bored this is a good game to pass the time

on layout 20 first shoot the fuse for 10 caps then the box and shoot the green thing in the center as many times as you want each time gives u 100 caps i made 30,000 caps in like 3 minutes

overall a great game but the sound gets kinda annoying after awhile good graphics too great action too

man that was fun

really funny good game really good

great shooting game but you should make 1 with more lvls and more weponsoverall 10/10 :D nice work

I bought the boss level but dont know how to get to it

i agree with the guy under me ans add more levels

Its good but it could be better.add different guns bottles sitchuations and other stuff.

As you keep on skipping the cursor gets stuck on the bottom. o(T_T)o

i did the levels with great ease

sing tha in the style of kanay west golddigger

Iunno... it seems impossible


It's OK for a bit and has a wide variety of screens - visuals and audio are decent, but it lacked enough to make me want to play it more than once. It was hard to find the cursor to select the next level on the scope screens as well.

i wonder if there will be an bottle blaster 5, if not, the world will explode (please reply)

The best game on newgrounds ever!

This is a nice, fresh idea for a game.

okay on layout 20 the fuse shoot the box in it is a green box with a blue cube in it hit it as many times u want every time u it it give u 100 caps happy shooting


it is so fun and addictive 5out of 5

very good gets good after level 10 gun is good realistic gun noises
red bottles are EVIL!very good game!

this is great its like star wars III its the best so well this is my favourate game in the world

this is a very entertaining game. its mad sweet and keeps me wanting more. CRAVING SEQUEL!!!!!!


When I first opened this game, I thougt it would be massivley boring, but this game was not that bad. Great Job.

it was definitley a unique twist on a bottle shooter. Nie job!

A revolution for a bottle shooter!

:) very fun but in the dark it hurts ur eyes

classic shootout + great ideas = this be great game

I say this game derserves a seven because of the hiddle crystal in one of the levels. And it was pretty hard in some of the levels.

it was easy too beet the boss bottole keep trying

is it even possible to do boss battle??

i waisted 50,000 just clicking it.....

i unlock the boss battle?

this game kicks fucking ass!so addicting!altho repetitive.but 10 out of 10 for me!good game!

this game isnt that great. im sure someone put a lot of effort into this but it gets real dull real fast.

i gave a 0 on sound cus it could use some music
on layout 20 shoot the box and shoot whats inside and u will get a hundred caps each shot

This game is creative right down to the designs. Real challenge that challenged me.
I really liked the dentist, I am still working on that one...

This is a way fun game where u get 2 shoot every thing u c, or in this case bottles. the levels r all differnt and each 1 has a differnt challange

its pretty cool spiderbottle is like imposible and also flash

i can not stop playing this game

this is okay but it gets boring after a while

takes too long to get points. try adding bonus points when shooting certain bottles.

this is a great game, and i enjoy getting shot in the head also. i just have one question, why can't i buy the boss secret, u kno the one highlighted in red? please respond to this i need to know, but it's proboably already written.

was a fun variance on a classic carnival past time. played for 30 mins. before i knew it. good job.

if you go on the shooting gallery and go on layout "fuse", click on the box below the bottle to explode it and inside will be a green cube with a blue shpere inside, click on that as many times as you like (100 caps per click) lol

Yea this game is really original awesome assortment of levels and everything very good job couldn't make it any better myself

lol i love it its so dumb yet so addicting

it was good but it nearly gave me a siesure and yes i did read the worning

what an exelent waste of my time!(i mean that in a good way!)
This is a great game!what happend to numbers 1-3 tho?anyway?make more!(as long as i get to be a sniper!lol)

It Sucks If There Not Another one anyways but this one

omg that was sooooo boring same thing over and over and over again

very good game. got kinda boring but anyway it was a very good game

On layout twenty.shoot the box,something behind it,SHOOT it, and watch your caps rise!

DHC bottle blaster 4 is very nice

on number 20 break the box and there will be this cube shot it and u will get 100 caps

u brought me 2 newgrounds with this man!
way 2 go itz good cover to make any game look less violent!

RAGE ON THE MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the small movie quotes you do!
but yeah some weapon choices would make things alot better! Nonetheless...A great game!

it needs to have a choice of weapons.

I love this game you know the returen of invicimo I destroyed him
I started with the bottle caps till the were gone and worked my way down

nice game! destroying bottles is so fun!

i never thought that shooting bottles would be fun.just one problem i beat all the stages and i lose my caps if i try to buy he boss stage but i cant play the stage.

i had lots of fun playing this game i like all the different scenarios and ideas

Great stress reilever and a fun way to pass the time.

rad game

You did a geat job on this one when i was done i wanted to go and shoot bottle myself!

Not bad, not bad at all...

this game RULES

i couldn't picture havin anymore fun shooting bottles

this shows me all the differen't ways we can blow bottles up

Dude I love GunZ The Duel My username is Shawn121 and Im Level 9 any ways this is good

This game was kinda fun. But if u play it for 2 long it gets boring.

this is my favorite shooter on newgrounds ever!!!


cool cheat!!! go to layout twenty. shoot at the box you
will see an cube with a ball in it shoot it. you will
see that every time you shoot it you will get 100 caps.
lol isnt it?

yo, i love this game!!Nice idea with the bottles i cant wait till the next vr. of bb.(by the way i read the editors notes and i cant believe that was boring for you).
P.S. why does evryone in newgrounds have such bad spelling?????

very good game but all it needs is more stuff to shoot

its only about bottles and thats boring!
only the Graphics are good

uh ok jus shooting bottles, bottle hostages, bottle matrix, bottle ninja, i could go on but instead i gotta go with my buddys and do a bottle drive by. overall 5 (meh)

The gun blasts and bottle smashes were the same everytime... try having them alternate!

...kinda like me!!!!!!!

wow this game was awesome!!!!! i found a cheat: when your on the level with the fuse shoot the crate theres some kind of cube in it that gives you 100 caps every time you shoot it.....my head spinned on the seizure level :P

taht was so cool 75 layouts nice work i had 862 bottlecaps in the end :D ouch my hand hurts lol cramps


sweet nice game keep crapin em out

I gave you a 0 for sound cuz' I have no sound.

Great game, very addicting. I like the se of the word 'Caps'. Took me a while to figure it out. I'm dumb. >:-( But altogether, a great game. YOu should put different liquids in the bottles, so they explode differently. Maybe put, like, Molasses in one but Oil in another. And put oil and water in one so they explode seperately. XD

try to put some blood and violence like a warning like this WARNING: what you are about to see is funny behond belif and has mild blood

This game is sumthing to play wen ur extremely bored; but it realy doesnt matter cuz in my opinion i could play this for hours.

good job! played it and loved it!

wow... how did this get so much better?!?!?! nothing to improve on... extreme awsome job!!!

it is good but not cool.

wow this game is fun, good job!

UH,what a cool game but i think it needs a few tweaks!

so addicting, so fun, so awsome, i love this game!

Great game

That was rad man!

Need help to get caps?
on level 20 shoot the crate and inside's a cube shoot it to get 100 caps and it never disappers so you can keep on shooting it!

good.u should defenlity post bottal blaster 5 on ng.

since Ive played a game as good as this! Make a sequel!

yay for bottles!!!
nice gameee!!!!!11eleven
what are the easter eggs????question mark
is there going to be a BB5?question mark
if there is a BB5 then you should make a story line thing!

good game like the shater

Fun game.

its good not bad

This game was a great game! It's added to my favourates as number 4 =)

WOW a good waste of time entertaining too!!


A well done first person shooting game easy yet very entertianing

I have indeed played all of the bottle blasters and let me tell you, ON BOTTLE BLASTER 3 THE 'INVINCIBLE BOTTLE'
is NOT invincible.

This the best shooting game on newgrounds adictive,funny andyou have to collect bottle caps to win

Nice game, and im not going to repeat the [CENSORD FOR YOUR SANITY] cheat, but what is the second easter egg? When is the full version comeing out?

The game overall was good, though some things could use some work. The sound, though it's fun to hear gunshots, it's too loud. it hurts my ears after a while. I was playing for an hour before I realized I had to stop. Very addictive. Next time, maybe some optional music?

Awsome game dude keep up the good work

10 all the way dude nice job


I liked how you used the hannakah bottles! LOL!
Great job!

on the fuse level if u shoot the box u will find a green thing (not the bottle).u shoot it and it will giv u 100 caps.

THis is the verry first perfect score i've given...... you did GREAT... i especially liked the YELLOW SUBMARINE

This game is awesome. I loved it. Im gonna email this to my friends, and tell my friends at work to try it.


I loved that. It gets addicting! Awsome! 10/10


cool easteregg!
really lookin forword to the next.
good luck making it by the way.

I love this game. Very creative! Overall 10.

I liked it. it was pretty hard after a while. OVERALL B+

I liked it, alot. it would be great to see more of those crazt senarios in the next

Very fun

Good game, liked the different layouts that you had to shoot your way through, but it felt like to much of the same thing over and over in each layout. Overall a decent game.

vote 5? VOTE 5????!!!!!...ya sure whatever

Simple Scripts, yet nice time consumeing animation. Nicely Done!!

haha so dumb and so fun

by the way, on the fuse elevel if you shoot the box theres a green cube that if you shout shoot it , it gives you caps.

Fun Fun Fun

In a pointless way.

I thought it goes on forever LOL..
Nice game you have made for a shootin game.
Shooting bottoles was a pain in the ass.

Interesting game. Long as hell too. I admire your creativity and such though a few things could use some work but then again no one is perfect. Good Job.

i thought all the layouts were cool and it was fun

Prett good, could be better. I think some levles are a little to hard and don't give you extra points.

That was so addictin'. Good ideas, maybe #2 will have a story mode...

Nice idea, good concept.. just too damn boring for me..
Graphics are not too bad, just a bit simple..

Next time you make something like this try to make it something really good ;)

graphics-2 ...very simple design
style-2 ...couldnt find a style, but im sure it was there
sound-1 ...too repetitive, very unoriginal
violence-10 ...most of it was shooting
interactivity-10 ...you clicked alot
humor-1 ...im sure someone out there finds exploding bottles funny
overall-5 ...level design was nice at times, nothing amazing though

kept me entertained for a while, congradulations on that. a few tips for you though, try to make more bottles, different explosions, and a larger variety of sounds. im assuming this is one of your first games, so keep up the good work...liked "the flash". one last tip for you personally, if you dont want people to say the same things in reviews, put it in your author's notes because no one's going to read 14 pages of reviews to see if someone else said what they did. -Omni

I found that Light the Fuse thing myself but didn't know what it was, until I suddenly realised I was a bazillionair. And to think, I wasted all that time blowing up the yellow submarine and shooting Mr Angry.

An innovative game, though the caps don't seem to have much point when you're shooting plain old bottles. When you get so many bonus caps, its just not worth shooting bottles normally. It kind of killed the game a bit, but otherwise remaining very innovative and enjoyable to play, even if the original version was basically stolen.

Well designed, and an enjoyable play. Excellent work gentlemen.


Its awsome that u put that in, u know what im talking about. I don't wanna say it cause then any one could get all secrets very easly. I laughed when I was reading the making of and u said "1000 caps for this crap? common, friends don't let friends waste caps." it was funny cause i was getting incredibly easy caps. In case you don't know what cheat im talking about(in case there's anouther one) ill say this......"light the fuse level". I think I gave too much away. :) Great game, a little slow if you shoot too fast and a little too easy but hay, its fun!


This would be so much better with a time limit. As in you only have so much time to shoot all the bottles in each scene. As it is there no time and you just kinda run around randomly shooting bottles and i don't see the point. Could be really kewl though. Try time limits! Good job otherwise.

---Im not quick with the mouse so i had a bit of a hard time with this. Quite addicting but little replay value. Fun times.

C.A.A.H 85

hey man, that was some fun! really sucks you into it!

there were bugs. the cursor bullcrap thing wouldnt move -.- if i was tom or whoever put u on the frontpage i would make a special page: the most crap game.

It was an ok game, seemed to easy and it was boring.

bust a cap in yo ass [a bottle cap that is]

nice flash game =D

'nuff said

Thats a cool way to shot bottles. I like the way they get shot. Thats how it should look. Thats a good game also. I like the one with the swinging jungle one. That one was good.

On layout twenty- fuse... Shoot the box and you will see a green cube with a blue ball inside it (lol blue ball) shooting it gives you 100 caps each time


Wow, this game has so many senarios, I never would have thought of them. At first I thought it was stupid, but I guess I judged a book by its cover.

radical dude turtle power master shredder is way awesome! pizza, dude!
in all seriousness,genetically mutated turtles are in huge danger of extinction. only YOU can help review this game. SAVE THE TURTLES
Pros: Long enjoyable game, and good variety
Cons: Well none come to mind. Maybe make it a little more crazy .. . . . ness. you could argue that it was crazy but thats only because you changed it around alot.. it should break out of the original formula occasionally.

How do you get the boss battle to work, i have tryed buying it 3 times and i dunno how to fight him.

This game was a lot better than I thought it would be. It had a lot of activity goin on, plus the bottles explosion was cool.

i see why Fulp put you on the front page this is awesome i like THE N00b bottle where it says like i mounntaindewd ur mom and stuff over all an 8 because graphics (for bottles) was great the violence... er look at the scores for em

***SECRET ALERT*** at the level called "fuse" shoot the box and ull find a small cube, SHOOT IT it gives you 100 caps everytime u shoot it!!!!!

this was beautiful. As in kickass. the only problem is that i bought the boss level and nothing happened, so i clicked it again and it just took more caps away. how do i got to it? o and i loved it but im not quite orgasmic, like the last guy(or girl i dont remember)

In the level "fuse" blow the crate open, shoot the green orb for 100 bottle caps a shot.

Oh Fuck!

This is like just so amazinly gud I'd make it one of my personal top5 submissions of 2005!!!! wow! THAT is how gud this game is for feck sake!!

ur a fleckin ledgend makin dis game!


NIIIIIIIICE one, 5 votes here!

Loved it. Absoloutly supurbe.
on level 20 shot the box. inside is a cube where you get a 100 caps per shot. never breaks.

There was something for everyone in this game The whole thing was just silly non-stop "violence." A lot of the levels were very creative (like teh n00b bottel and Helena). I was playing, then I got addicted, then suddenly I look and see I'm on level 72. Loved this game.

Like yeah it was cool and all, but I dunno...it was definately missing something...maybe it's just that I've seen the same sort of thing so often, but oh well...good job dude.

On level 20 shoot the box and each time you shoot the green thing inside it gives you 100 caps! woot!

Well done, except... buying the boss battle doesn't seem to do anything, even when I go through all the levels afterward.

Why was Christmas BEFORE Hannakuh? What are you, prejudice?


that was the funist 1 of my life maby good job

u have a little glitch tho i had saved up 750caps when i whent to get the boss level i clicked buy my caps whent to zero and nothing worked plz fix the glitch overall good game keep up the good work

A very cool, simple yet addicting game. Very imaginative, but does get slightly repetitive. Very playable...

I really liked this game.I never thought you could do so many things with a bottle.the only problem with this game is that it can get very repetitive.Cant wait for the 5th in the series.

This is one of the most creative and interesting attempts to a shooting game I have ever seen on NG!! I saw the Helena stage and I was all like... Rock n' roll!!

I found a cheat on layout 20 fuse... click the box then behind is another box every time u click it...Boom 100 caps ;)


iyts a funny game, u can do it over and over again and u don;t getting bored, keep it going, oh, and I don't know what interactivity is so I dont gonna rate it, sorry.

it is a cool game, i like the short cut you can use to get things.
kinda weird game.

Could do with some music, also, what is that green box with the blue ball inside the crate on #20? I tried shooting it and nothing happened.
Awesome game, keep up the good work!

Man this game is addictive. And it wastes time..in a good way. I cant believe how original this is yet so interesting. Love it!

I got through the 75 levels, enough said

..You know that 47th one is dangerous. I mean, think of the seizures that might cause. ...Then again, what do we care? Mwahaha.

um...yeah, its pretty pointless

the only reason why it didn't get a 9 was because it just lagged way too much when you shoot too many bottles at once even on low quality. otherwise good game

more guns

This is ingenius. So simple, yet so fun! At the end of the 70 levels I was just aw. But it was very creative. Excellent ideas.

This game roxors! nuff said!!!

farkin maddest here, and all you do is shoot bottles..

I think i concocted epilepsy

excellant game but needed more stuff and seacreats and weapons but nontheless i loved it

This made me feel like I was @ the shooting gallery. But, instead of having the bottom still there, I would have preferred if it just dissappeared like the rest of the bottle. Great game nonetheless. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

It was pretty fun!! "the flash" one was impossible

Damn you for making somthing so simple, so fun....good job

I didnt know you did the art on the Butt Probe guitar pedal? I know you play keyboard, but how did you get contacted to draw the art for that pedal/manual, and how did they let you put those pictures in it? (i think theyre hysterical, but sometimes business' can be skeptical)

I didn't think I would ever have that much fun in a bottle shooting game. I really like this game, it has a very good variation while keeping its format. A valliant effort and reletively original. I wish more people in Newgrounds would submit games like this.

This one is a winner in my book...

i never thought i'd like it....keep up the gud work man!!

this is sweet, bumch of different lvls and such, I thought it was just gonna be anothe shoot a moving bottle and u win crap, but well done

This shooter was quite addictive. I mean don’t get me wrong, I like blowing people’s heads off as much as the next guy, but there’s just something about shooting bottles that’s so..classic. -Its nice. :) I was very impressed with the variations of levels, and how interactive they were. The graphics and sound were also quite good. Adding the ability to unlock things made this game something that I can really sit down and get into. -Great work.


OMG!best game i played on ng yet!u have a lot of talent,keep makin games,man!!!

did you use game maker for some stuff? like the health bar on the yellow submarine, and the particle explosion stuff? it just seemed similar. alright game. it held my attention for a while. and that was some pretty EXTREME bottle battling halfway through...

Just... Amazing... I... I'm speechless. That game was incredible. Truly incredible. You took the boring aspect of just shooting bottles to a whole new level. Now you can shoot four parts of the bottle. The cap, so you can collect them and but things, the nozzle, the neck, and the body. This game was a true ten. Two thumbs up.

...even thou all u did was shoot bottles, but nice job.

Not bad..weird idea but not a bad game, good job

and relaxing.lol

this has been the highlight of my otherwise boring day

very good very entertaining for a while wud be betta for some different levels, like u did invincbo twice and others.

Highly addicting game and so fun i just might have to vote for you more often.;)

i like how u get 2 shoot bottles..lets u take out alot of anger...invincimo is pretty cool 2

Fun for the first few then it just got ver boring very fast.

it was quite pointless and quite frankly boring but the graphics and sound affects were quite good

this was the worst and pointless game ive ever played, dont make one like this again or stop trying to make games

That was a great game
Keep up the good work

I was playing this game for two whole hours. FUN, add some music tho it got annoying just to here gunshots

LOL layout thirty-seven: helena

Well Good game, but I couldn't figger out where were the unlocked shit I unlocked

Oh and obviously the shot sound gets annoying after 1117 times XD

This is one of the cool shooters out there keep up the good work!!

Yeah nice game, im really impressed. I found a bug on one level to get infinite caps. The only thing that was bad was i couldnt play the boss level, anyone know how to?

a very innovative game. I happen to particularly like Trippy And Can ya dig it. There should be a LeveL reset button though. I would have to guess that the boss level is still in development though.

also, some ideas if you got writers block...er flash..programmer thingy block.
- Bottle faces- make face out of several tiny bottles(though that would probably be a bitch to make)
-bottle puzzles-like bottles on a track and you have to shoot a switch to make them go into a recycling plant.
-Recycling plant is also a good idea.

Thats all i got for now, and I will try to keep my future reviews umm

The bug is at the secrets screen. When you purchase the boss fight, 2 things happen: (Well, I should say don't happen, but you know what I mean.) (1. nothing happens. 750 caps go down in your counter but nothing else besides that. (2. I go back to to the main screen and scroll over statistics and it says I spent no caps! Well, try to fix the bug.....in the new version!!!!! Well, merry Christmas and goodnight!

oh my lord this is the koolest shootin games on NG, i played all the dhc bottle blasterz and i seen how much this has progressed great job!!!

I don't know. I thought it was kind of boring. Maybe if you put something else into it. I don't know...



Nice Flash, Try making more and add more things you can interact with.

It was interesting, but I think you forgot to put the cursor in the secrets; I had nothing to aim with in them. Overall, the graphics were smooth and it was pretty good.

Very Addicting, nice graphics, tons of levels, Can't wait for another one!!

This game had amazing graphics, if only you created something more interesting. Shooting bottles gets tiring after awhile... with your skills, you should make a more interesting game.

y can't i get past lv 13 the first one is easy but then theres a second one that is just all red i sot every square inch of it and whe i press the foard button nothing happens please tell me why and also the secret menu dosn't work either

It was ok, not the best game I've played, but you do show that you know what you're doing.

Could quite possibly be better than that fps counter-strike. psssh makes the t's and ct's look like...bottles. great game, overall!


That was great and i cant believe i shot the flash!

Ive been trying for the last 2 days to shoot the flash its friggin impossible


I loved this submission, the only problem is that Rage Against The Machine boss didn't work.

nice graphics n themes - i ope 2 see more of dis stuff

There was one , and u lit the fuse and the bottle on the box blew up
and i shot the box , and there was a square , and i could get 1000caps each time by clicking on on , gd game over all

Woohoo!! Found the 'hidden' cube as well:-) came in very usefull:-)

I will reveal where it is! On the layout twenty, named "The fuse" , shoot on the box and it will appear. This can give you UNLIMITED CAPS! Otherwise , great game.

1) Yes, I did found you're hidden '100 cap a shot' cube, thanks for that :X But for everyone who hasn't found it yet... it does exsist!!
2) When will you be able to play the boss level? I reaaaaaly wanna have a shot at it loL!
3) Um... great game? No seriousoly, well done, fantastic job!!


I like shooting bottle caps =P

Fun game, nice graphics, great sounds, tons of different "levels"!

its a good game

you really pulled ideas out of your ass for this huh?? i only got to layout 38 but geez! lol it was really fun and funny keep up the good work

Lots of fun. It reminded me of this old game, point blank where you have a gun and there are random minigames. Anyone else notice that all of the games on the front page are shooting games?

Look, don't take it the wrong way - but I just couldn't stop playing!

It just went on and on. I kept going from from stage to the next wondering when you'd run out of ideas about how to shoot a bottle - and you didn't! YOU BASTARD!

Serously, while the game was average overall, you kept it intresting. Good job.

Good, solid game. Simplicity is best.

But did you make the basic bottle being shot animation/base code? Because I have that exact same animation downloaded onto my computer from like a year ago by a guy named rhsrider[at]yahoo[dot]com. It was from a flash tutorial site I think. If rhsrider[at]yahoo[dot]com is you, ignore me, and nice animation. If this isn't you should at least give the guy credit.

Cool game though, nice job!

Quite original but it gets quite aimless when u dun win a price for shooting the bottles....and the gun shots are all of the same sound have a variety!good work keep it up!

Great game, it provided, like HOURS of fun.

it wasent a bad flash but i dont think it was front page worthy.

Grafix were alittle week but i understand with 75 levels.
The stye was good but the game started to get boring, with no new weapons or anything.
Oviously there was alot of interactivity.

I loved this.and it impressed me how you made all levels so interactive.I always wanted to go to the next level to see whats next,and I thought it was never going to end.75...dude how much time did you spend making 75 levels?anyway,this is truly a masterpiece,I stayed about an hour playing this ^_^
keep it up

t(l lt) yeah!!

Good job. The boss level wouldn't work for some reason. Odd.

hey 2 the dude below, sorry about the seizure. but u dont need 2 put that


this game is so much fun. good job. i played it for a long time. i liked that you had so many diferent levels. that made it fun to play cause you didn't know what would be next. hope theres another one

Wow, you advance each level... and you get something new. Every single thing was different and totally original. It was simple, but it was lots of fun. It gave me a maaaaajor headache too. Ouch. Anyways, lots of good references, I liked the red vs blue bottles and the white to black, but the n00b bottle was kind of sick. This is for those who like to play the improvisation of a text-based adventure, but who would also relax and just have fun. I give you 10/10 and a place on my favorites. w00t!

I totally got a major headache from that


I just found the easter egg now, lol. I didn't even read the reviews, even though I should have. This is a really cool shooter game, BTW.

I got addicted into this, this game rocks :D

and theres the convenient hidden-cap button that makes life easier too

btw, why didn't anything happen when I bought the secret boss level?

Sadly that was incredibly entertaining. I loved it, make one with like 1k levels.


The graphics ar'nt bad but they ar'nt super awsome. Good original bottle shootin' fun. The sound got VERY repetative and started to hurt my ears after shotting a million times. I like the fact that you included the easter eggs and bonuses. Gameplay is simple and fun, but gets repetative. I like the movie rip-offs and such.
...All in all I give it a 9/10 Gameplay, sound, and graphics got repetative and even though it got adictive, I wasnt enjoying it as much as i was at the begining. Though the extra secret type things kept me more interested :)

This is kinda what people back then would do if they were in the army and had nothing to do: shoot bottles
Easter Egg: In the fuse bomb level, shoot the box and keep shooting the cube thingy to get 100 caps for each shot

When you said "75 levels" i though, im not gonna do em all, but i did and i when i got there i was like "ah what is that all the levels?!". Great, addictive bottle shooter, enjoy your frontpage, you earned it.

layout 20, in the crate is all i have to say.

Too good to miss.

After a few too many beers this is the kind of game that entertains, it doesn't require too much concentration and is simple mindless fun.

it's a great game specially for matrix fans and bottle haters...
al hail the cup...

i liked the graphics but there are some big mistakes there :s

for example, the pieces of the bottle always keep following the remains of the bottle, so when the bottle moves the pieces move along with it... didn't like that!:p


A good game but can get a bit borin after a bit.Can do with out the sound efects.

This was a nice game, long enough for a flash game, lot's of cool ideas, besides some heavy fps drops, I enjoyed this one a lot. GJ

10 Green Bottles, standing on the wall. Not any more! That game was really addictive! Come on, surely you can rack your brain up to think of 70 more class A ideas! Anyway, the reason why I liked it? I cant describe. I just kept coming back to shoot all those bottles. Especially the n00b one that was slaggin me. Well Done!

Dude, this game was awesome, when i went to play it i was like, oh... hm... this might not be that good, but when i went to play it, i rly got into it, and it was crazy.

but i cant play the machine boss battle in the secret menu why not?

This was a great game, even when you think you just have to shoot some fucking bottles, you'll have very much fun with this game. This game challenges you because there are some secrets (some extra mini-games). BUT: when you collect your points with a 10-pointer you can just push previous and get 10 points again... Some people will cheat by this way i think. I did't got epileptical :P

It might be a glitch, or it may be a secret. Don't want you to be mad at me for posting it here but....

On the level where you light the fuse to blow up the bottle....Light the fuse, then after it blows up instead of going to the next level, shoot the box, theres some weird blue thing behind it, if you shoot it you get a ton of caps, but you can shoot it as many times as you want.

Don't know if this has been said already.

its a fun game to play if you have nothing to do and just want to shoot things. if the graphics were better and the sound was better the game would be more fun. this game is worth a look at though

The game is really good, but come on, you can probarly do better. Make the screen glow with better graphics. The graphics were kinda bad. Another thing was.. THE SOUND. It get's really really really annoying.

Good in the game is the style and idea, but i'll be looking forward to hear from this game, cause it can be a great game, with some better graphics and sound.

Ill give it 4/5, but only cause the idea is good

the idea is fantastic- let´s kill some bottles- the levels...70!!! incredible
it is just great

that was a great game loads of levels and it aint too easy either dam it i just cant win and i mean that

That kept me occupied for a verrry long time, it did. It starts off pretty standard, but ends up getting way more interesting and fun near the end. Nice work! 4/5.

but really sucks but in a way good, but really hard. i'll be nice and give it 20%.

well an interesting idea with bottles but...it was lame.. boring... i like the lvl's and the backgrounds and how you can interact with it.... but... its just too much with the bottles.

but i got 568 caps and it wouldnt let mego on secrets a black screen cam up saying warehouse shoot out surely thats not supposed to happen any help would be good thanks

i got a load of caps and baught the boss lvl but i cant play it for some reason

So is there a sequel coming soom?

your sister is a sunny delight....
that was funny as hell...
oh yeah the game was fun, froze ince in a while but other than that, gewd game

Fun but needs to have better things to shoot...but could keep me busy for a bit.

It was really fun but the infinite bottle cap cube shoulda been added at the end so that you dont lose the goal of collecting the caps so soon.

Bang Bang, liek the dentist gallery.

Much better than the last one.... and THAT one was AWESOME!!!!

I liked the fact that each level had some uniqueness to avoid repetition.

The sound was too loud though, and when many bottles are shattering, the computer gets slow.

Overall, a very interesting game.

pretty good.. there are some bugs like in the dentist level you can shoot through the guys mouth i dont know if that was intentinal or not

Wow you've amazed me, I've never seen someone take a simple idea and run as far with it as you have. I played through all 75 levels so it kept me entertained that much :) There are some bugs in the game still as I'm sure your aware of, sometimes I kept losing the aim graphic which was a little annoying.

but good job and keep working on it. for improvement Expand some of the levels - quality not quantaty is key.

... good game ... couldnt believe the amount of levels.. the best was layout 20.

great! cant believe u made that many levels :D

Probably the most fun I've ever had with just shooting bottles ^_^

this is a pretty good way to spend time after a meaning ful day of work/school

AND I LOVED IT. it was a bit loud, tho, and that was the only bad thing. great game. make another one and add stuff. not enuf stuff. and better aim. the aim wasn't too good, either. but my gawd, keep it up, man! you might actually get some money for this kinda stuff! ^__~

finished all 75 levels, gj DHC! and Cloud

I like the concept and what i could play of this game. Unfortunately, it seemed to glich constantly. Maybe it's just my comp. Good job none-the-less.

nice games series i really like how bottles explode

lol you should be proud of dis thing, i mean HO DID YOU COME UP WITH TYHIS IDEA?!?!?!?!?!?!?make 5 plz plz plz plz!

that was off the chain !!!! wow that was really addicting love it i will give it two thumbs up


your game wasn't that bad .......
i dont know if it was my comp. or the game that was running very slow
but other than that awsome game:)

My ONLY problem is that I can't get the damned boss to work. It takes away points but it never goes to the level.

What can i say? many levels, pretty fun, EXTREAMLY short load time... this is the kind of game i look for on NG, nice :P

yo i need help im in the galery and i pass level 14 and then it gives me a brown screen saying level 14 and i can t get to the other levels can some one help me

it was made good. but overall it sucked. bad scoring system, to much of the same thing. try doin something different that will keep me awake.

riiiight.. this game was fun the first two rounds of shooting bottles, but that's bout it.. after that it started to suck big time

thet whole game goes like this you shoots bottle and that is it it is fun the frist two minutes but it get boring 500 bottles later!

its a good game in my sight. Though after shooting for ever there seems to be nothing at the end, and the nose in the background sorta gets on your nerves. but if you need something to do this is a good game to play. Goood Work

this is a very fun and addictive game, it has some flashly stuff, and lots of levels!!! this is a good game

This is such a fun and addicting game!!
Is it normal that there is a button behind a box in layout 20 that gives you 1000 caps everythime you hit it?

best game of this sort i have ever played i didnt play all the lvls because i skiped to the last lvl even though i didnt mean to but the lvls i played were fun

this game was fun you did a good job

It was so amusing. I stopped at 30 though, but very well done. Good job :3

good game but some music and sum more guns could do it

...but to be honest, it got quite boring quite fast. Maybe with different guns, more imaginitive levels (I like the sniper type ones) and so-forth, a next game could be really fun to play.

Very nice game. :D
But some BG music would have done it, too.

Oh, and there was an error in the one with the coke cans. It't physically impossible that they don't fall, when you shoot the lower ones. ;)
But I know this is hard to make, so they all fall, like they're supposed to. But there's a way (Randomizing action script).

But still, very nice game. Loads of fun. xD

c rates

who knew shooting bottles could be so fun and adicting

but i found somethin on layout 20... is it supposed to be there???

But over all it was preety sweet but 1 question Make another that has 1 more weapon 2 it... the shotgun.

This is tha game!!

That was good .I couldnt get the flash tho.

it takes a decent machine 2 drive it. unfortunatley my machine isnt such a computer. but i like it and i well made. and that is a good thing wiht all the crappy submisions every day.

a long game...
i've done 33777 points !
it's easy if you find the secret : in a level (i don't remember the number)
there is in a box a little green item , each time you hit him you gain 100 points !
after it's easy...

I love this submission. I don't know why it scored less that a 4... I have all the respect to you who made this :)

this game is to much of the same thing but dont not play it

man how is it possible that something so stupid and simple can result in such awesome humor. keep it up man :P

very fun game. gj

Nice Sounds cool grapics and simple yet fun keep up the good work ma man.

The physics in this is what really blew my mind! Great work excellent job on this I played it for quite some time. I look forward too furture flash's from you.

This is going to be front page im shure of it

Bottle Blasters Anonymous... For some reason I can't stop playing this game. Good god this is more addictive than masturbation, and feels just as good!

RESIDENT BOTTLE had me cracking up so much!!!! i love this game its so much fun MAKE MORE haha i had so much fun!!

This games is quite good, maybe a few more parts of the bottles to hit.

Maybe a nice soundtrack.

And a little popup to say youve passed (damn those invisible ones, i didn't know if i got them all).

Also maybe a timer to get high scores for speed on each level.

But great lots of levels!


Shizaam! 1st review of this game

This is a pretty good start to a good game. If you made it so the bottle's explosion bits didn't move with it, that would improve. And More of a time-limit sort of thing would make it challenging. But, I liked it, and I htink it's a very good start. Good job. ^^

i loved it!
especially the vending machine buttons, its simple but addicting!
this has a 99% chance of getting on the front page, the extra 1% went to africa on voting day so we dont know what he would say!

Took you fucking long enough.


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3.89 / 5.00