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Sonic Vs Mario (Parody)

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Wade Fulp sent me an email today, reminding me that I hadn't re-submitted this animation as I'd promised for several months.

Though my score has greatly dropped for the lack of this animation being posted, I'll keep it up.

Thanks for the reminder, Wade.

*Update: Do any of you have any clue what a 'parody' is? What the other Sonic Vs Mario flicks on NG, and you'll see why this movie is like this. It's not like I intended it to take off or look really cool, it's a parody of another film...

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dude its not soppoesed to be about who won its a fucking parody and hilarious

wow they went to hell

SONIC MUST WIN! because mario needs items to use powers, and sonic haves natural strenght.

What did I just see!? Sonic would win hands down, super speed, lightning reflexes and high jumping, bubble shield, flame shield, electric shield; versus.... Slow speed, High jumping, fireflower, and invulnerability star. racoon suit, Tanooki suit, mushrooms, and hammer Mario. (This is from the most recent games based on that art Super Mario Bros. III and Sonic and Knuckles) Sonic would win hands down, as for the video being super cheaply made, it was super cheaply made. Paint with a downloaded gif image of all Mario's and Sonic's actions.

Mario sucks. he just jumps on stupid brown mushrooms and green turtles and saves an annoying princess. Sonic is faster then mario and mario dies in 1 2 or 3 hits and sonic has alot of HP because he doesnt drop all his rings when he gets damaged. half star because this sucked. i gave you half just so you Just think this is better meaning that its zero. I hate how people think sonic and shadow suck. they own. i hate mario hes a fat plumber