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Sticks in Space {Classic}

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I made this A LONG time ago for a project for school, well I found it in my Junk Folder, fixed it up, and put it here.
Its about Sticks in space (Duh) and, well, injoy it!

News: A remake of Sticks in Space is comming soon, this will be known as Sticks on Space Classic



I dont usually like stick movies and I thought this one was going to be shit but it wasnt bad there was a few bits that made me giggle and there was some bits which was anoying, like the speech bubble went to fast so I couldnt see what the guy said but mnost of it was slow enough to let me read it which was good. Over all I think this was a good movie. But I dont think it was your first time you made a flash and you took a long time on it. But I do think it sersivers 8 out of 10 and I am attually hopeing to see some more work in the near future. so may the flash be with you.

HyperDoom responds:

LOL, May the flash be with you, and nice review, and I did make some bits of junk before this


I can tell that you spent a lot of time on this.
It looks quite nice, and i liked the music.
I did my own voice acting as a commentary of sorts for the text bubbles, spelling errors included.

HyperDoom responds:

Thanks, I might not look good, and I did spent a long Time on it, I think it was 6 weeks... and I didnt know how to use flash that well


i gotta give u credit cuz that looked like it took a while to make. its pretty good. just missing voice and the song was the stupidest thing ive ever heard. u need to work on ur graphics just a lil but over all its not that bad. good work

HyperDoom responds:

Thanks, I like it when people say some good things that I need to work on insted on "IT SUCKS"


that was preatty awesome but you should voice is and make like a sequel or something...
were going to canada!

HyperDoom responds:

Keep an eye out for the sequel, I got big ideas for it, and, yes, its going to look way better

Words of advice

Two things i have to tell you:

1. Your typing needs work, i found many, grammtical errors

2. Your preloader doesn't work quite right, it does load, but the bar only goes 50% of the way across even though it says it's 10% loaded.

These are just somethings i thought you should know.

HyperDoom responds:

lol, thanks, and thanks for pointing out the preloder thing, I didnt notice that

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2.51 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2005
4:19 PM EST