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Sticks in Space {Classic}

rated 2.51 / 5 stars
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Dec 16, 2005 | 4:19 PM EST

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Author Comments

I made this A LONG time ago for a project for school, well I found it in my Junk Folder, fixed it up, and put it here.
Its about Sticks in space (Duh) and, well, injoy it!

News: A remake of Sticks in Space is comming soon, this will be known as Sticks on Space Classic



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Yeah, it was pretty OK i guess.. even tough the graphics weren't killing it, the humore was on the top.. at the end atleast. So.. i think it was a good movie, with nice humore, keep it up!

HyperDoom responds:

Thanks, I know the graphics were not top of the line


Rated 5 / 5 stars

OK this was AWESOME!!!

You did a really nice job on this piece of flash. as a flash creator myself i know how hard and how long it takes to make a flash movie! I liked your stlye of humor it really fitted in with the rest of the story! and your graphics weren't so bad either! Don't listen to all the smart asses trying to prove you wrong. They say bad graphics try harder next time trying to sound cool like they know everything at flash. I bet they havent touched their mouse or keyboard for one second in their lives while flash was on the screen, so they don't know how long and hard it can be to make a movie as good as you made this one. Btw I've started a studios and are trying to get our feet off the ground but doing a good job of it. so far we have a graphic designer who is SO GOOD!! two animators and a writer. We've made some good stuff as exaples and think this is pretty promising. Our studios is called Shadow Studios and I wanted to know if you wanted to join. if so email me at vidgamer@cinci.rr .com or you can IM me on AIM. My screen name is shadow00081 OK i can't wait to hear from you B ye!!

HyperDoom responds:

Thanks, I think there is a lot of people out there who do know how hard it is to make a flash when you fst start out with it


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Im the saviour

wow, i voted a two and this animation came up that said i was the saviour of this flash... sweet. anyway. the text was slow. needs a skip button. otherwise its pretty good


Rated 2 / 5 stars


But there were way to many grammical errors. The story was good...the graphics did seem to go a bit downhill, but mainly the typos got to me... That tends to show how the person didn't put much into it or at least didn't pay enough attention...but otherwise it was good.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Needs work

Man, your spelling and grammar were AWFUL. Have tooken? They is? Dear God, at least TRY to spell right. I have to admit the opening was nicely done, and the music was alright. But the graphics went downhill quick and the lack of even basic writing structure hurt this in my mind.