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WADTD:The Movie-Part 1

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A year and a half of my life has now come to this! After I made my first "When Angels Deserve To Die: Music Video" back in 2002, there were many requests for me to make a full movie out of it. Lo and Behold! It is here!!
This movie was made 99% by me alone(1% was voice actors), so it won't be THE biggest movie of the winter. Make sure to check out part 2 when you're done.
RUNTIME:17 minutes!
I hope you all enjoy part 1!! (best viewed at Medium quality)

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I watched this movie before a long time ago, and recently I was trying to find it but all I could remember was that it had a Sonic type style and it had the reason I found the song "When angels deserve to die" I'm so glad I finally found it again and made sure to put it on my favourites~!

real good & we have something in common we're both deviant art members

Pay no attention to the guy below

I remember coming across this on flashplayer(now UgoPlayer). I was really impressed with the voice acting. The action was excellent and so were the special attacks but i don't know why for the life of me you didnt continue this and take it further. Oh and Lord-Zymeth if you had bothered to look at the date this cam out you would have seen this is over 5 years old so cut the guy some slack!


I'm sorry, I have to write a review here. While the technical aspects are all pretty good, the actual content leaves a lot to be desired. I applaud your animation and drawing skills. The animation is pretty smooth and I especially appreciate the good lip-synching. However, any of the fire/attack effects are pretty below standard, and look pretty half-assed compared to the detailed characters. Also, the "floating" transparant bangs that almost every character has is awfully distracting and just doesn't mesh well with the rest of the animation.

Now, I'm trying my best to be nice here but I just can't, I'm sorry. Your story-telling skills are pretty below par, even for DBZ standards. You've failed to A: Create a half-way engaging or surprising storyline, B: Make me give a shit about ANY of the characters in the smallest amount, and C: Create dynamic and interesting battle structures that DBZ is famous for. You've also failed to create ANY sort of dramatic tension, and I could pretty much tell how this entire story would play out from start to finish. Except, I admit, I thought you'd have the Jamal spared and become an anti-hero. All of the characters designs are pretty samey. In fact, I think Deeth and Chris are the only ones NOT wearing a wife beater, and they're ALL wearing cargo pants or something. Also, some of the sound effects are startling and unwelcome (Chris climbing a cliff....)

Come on man! You've got serious animating talent! How'd the hold-up in the writing department even start if you had a year and a half to work everything out!? Surely you could've devoted some time to creating better-looking fireballs or finding some public domain sound effects that sound better?

PS: I have to give my shout out for Deeth. Deeth was the best character in this series by far and actually, one of the more interesting to listen to. I don't know if you intended that or not, but still. Deeth is what really pulled this movie together.


really good

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4.19 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2005
2:54 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place December 17, 2005