insurance hunter

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This game is based on the classic spy hunter but made in flash 8. Every level offers you a new way of defeating the enemy, to keep you entertained.

It's a classic! and before you say it - IT ISNT STOLEN we made it for a client who kindly allowed us to upload it here



Very creative weapons and such. It was also fun killing those getting-in-the-way cars. You even had herbie! Nice work.

i disagree with that Dunnogoo or whats you name

This Is Like A Squel To Spy Hunter FReakin N00b

You have disgraced spyhunter

Spyhunter was a great game and you come along and ruined it. I give you points on graphics but i must say that the game got really repetative and boring. I almost fell asleep. You're lucky im not blammin'

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The game was pretty much another bland copy of Spy Hunter with some new graphics, different weapons and cars and a "boss" at the end of each level that took about 2 hits to kill. Mabye for younger kids who dont expect as much would be more fit to play this game but not most people.

To the last guy to review this game, learn how to use some grammar like spaces, I hope that wasnt your best at typing and you failed to prove a valid point. In other words for the Artisan Typer behind me: you sounded like a person with no right to review anything. Try using that magical button called a spacebar to make your point a little clearer.

well, its rubbish.

ok this is gonna be a long one, this game isnt good!the graphics...........they arent that brilliant!style.how is it stylish?its insulting ( kinda) to all other insurance companys!sound.....that song sucks, i could do better with my arms tied behind my back.violance, not violent!whats violant about smacking cars off the road, the only violant thing was the gun!interactivity, couldve done better, not very fun just using arrow keys and space bar.now humor.whats so funny?????nothing!ok now to help u, make more levels!i whizzed through it in 10 minutes, second, make the roads more interesting,they jst go in and out and in and out,also i would have a map editor, u could put in cars and the target and make ur own style of road.also make more weapons!and....dont be so harsh on the insurance companys. make it like the target is a star from a game like mario or sonic,.u could also make them die more interestingly(no i dont mean their head fly off and blood suirt evrywhere).im very sorry i had to rate it 3, i hope ur other games are better.i hope this reveiw hasnt offended you.good luck with your other games.

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3.50 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2005
8:47 AM EST
Sports - Racing