Nicholas' Weird Adventure

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Featuring 100% original graphics and music, it's Nicholas' first-ever adventure game! Help Nicholas find the DVD he wants and get out of the mall. Featuring giant witch-doctor things, otakus, magic potions and dead squirrels (okay, only one of each), this RPG will hopefully entertain everyone. If anyone gets stuck or encounters a glitch, please tell me in your review and I'll respond as soon as I can.

Special thanks to Ramon Osborn for the music and to Lesser Raven for giving me help on starting to program the engine.


that was good...

but just walk up the stairs, Nicholas, you lazy bastard. Anyway it was fun although I couldn't play it all, since I forgot what the Japanese guy said to me. oh well. I'm guessing the rest was good. You should have had the dvd store cashier be the main character, he was awesome. The best thing was that it was funny too.

NAveryW responds:


The otaku asked you to get him some Pocky. You can find it somewhere in Suncoast.

Good old days

Game resembles some of the games I played years ago. Pretty decent game for such a small file. Good adventure game and humerous.

Very Cool

It's a simple adventure game, but it isn't without its charm. I enjoyed it a lot!

Good work, and keep up the flash!

i like it!

i dident finish it but so far it is pretty cool!

alright i guess

it was alright but could he move any slower?

the deady the squirral thign was pretty funny too

NAveryW responds:


I tried a bunch of different walking speeds, and found this to be the best. Yeah, it seems kind of slow, but if it were to scale he'd actually be moving at a pretty average speed for his size. He moves about as fast as Link in Zelda: Link to the Past.

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4.09 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2005
4:28 PM EST
Adventure - RPG