Nicholas' Weird Adventure

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Featuring 100% original graphics and music, it's Nicholas' first-ever adventure game! Help Nicholas find the DVD he wants and get out of the mall. Featuring giant witch-doctor things, otakus, magic potions and dead squirrels (okay, only one of each), this RPG will hopefully entertain everyone. If anyone gets stuck or encounters a glitch, please tell me in your review and I'll respond as soon as I can.

Special thanks to Ramon Osborn for the music and to Lesser Raven for giving me help on starting to program the engine.


hey. great game

great game. nice twist at the end where he just walks up the escelater. you should make another adventure. possibly a school one?

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nice game

cool game! here's how to do it!

1. Talk to the girl. She says the lost her pet squirrel and if u can fing it she will let u have the DVD

2. look in the toy bin and take the dead squirrel

3. pass the squirrel to the girl. She lets u have the DVD. Then pay for it at the counter

4. go out to the novalty shop on your right. after the witch-doctor talks a lot of crap, u get a doll.

5. go to the fountain and talk to the guy in black. he wants u to buy him pocky. go to the DVD shop and buy the pocky on the second shelf at the back. pay for pocky.

6. pass the pokey to the guy and he will return u the doll. it becomes smelly.

7. talk to the girl in the DVD shop and trade the doll for the squirrel.

8. go to the shop below the playground.

9. they do some stuff with the squirrel. u name it 'livey'

10. at the fountain, there was a shop that was closed. now it is open. go to the maniquin and it says that if u asked the guy at the counter, he will let u have it. talk to the guy at the counter. he lets u have it.

11. go to the plant shop on the left of the escalator. talk to the biggest plant at the back of the shop. feed it the maniquin. take its leaf and go back to the novalty shop.

thats all! lol. nice game here. ppl hu are stuck, i'm a great help arn't i?

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:D Thanks !

Ahhh...that killed a good 20mins of work for me....

Great game..good fun, lots of laughs. Make a mammoth game that'll take me a few hours to complete! then you would be my hero and it would be almost time to go home :P

Thanks again, great stuff!!

Love the ending

I am not gonna spoil it for those who didnt play but that ending was great. The whole game made me laugh, that really was a wierd adventure, great job

great game

ihat was an entertaning game good ending, and fun game

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4.09 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2005
4:28 PM EST
Adventure - RPG