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The Xmas gift

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Author Comments

What a lovely present.


So that's where Osama has been!

Great ideas but needs work on stuff. The graphics were moderate and needs more detail on some stuff but pretty good. The sound effects were reasonable and was very clear. The style was great with where the hell Osama has been hiding. The humour was pretty good when the bomb blew up and then got me even more when it showed Osama. Work on the graphics a bit more but make some more flash!

koit responds:

Aye, my graphics are never brilliant, but I know this.

I will ALWAYS make more flash. While there are ideas, there will be more.

You took my idea!

Sort of... I had something a little different... But nice movie anyway!


That was kinda funny. It made me chukle

funny political joke

very ironic movie.. i would have never thought of osama.. i was thinking the present was some perverted gift... fooled me... good job on the joke

Awww, shucks....

Simple drawing style fits well with child-like Christmas morning setting. I am very sad to learn that our Santa has been subverted by the bad guys. How you play with our expectations!

Show us more of your work, please.

koit responds:


I've made over 20 already. Check my back catelogue on here or on my website.

You'll love them. I think.

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4.38 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2005
6:16 PM EST
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