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Flash Crisis v1.1

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Hi NG fans, Flash Crisis plays on the Time Crisis theme with emphasis on the ducking away from danger idea, I am trying different things with this game and any feedback would be awesome, i.e. too hard /easy etc Cheers



It could be be improved on, but still addictive.

This game is a great shooter, but some mistakes. Basically do what the last review said except come up with your own story (not saying the last reviews idea of a story was bad, just let the creator be creative). The enemy movements need to be improved on. Also, if you want to, you could add cut scenes even though they are hard to put on flash games. And the ammo boxes and health boxes bouncing. Sure, it makes a fun challenge, but whenever you shoot it to get ammo or health or whatever, you get shot by the enemy. This game is great, but it could be improved on. I think taking an already made series and making a spin off is a great idea. Just don't make it part of the time crisis series. Make up your own series of "time crisis" games that would be like time crisis, not be time crisis. Also, make the game much longer. This flash game is great, but it could be improved on.

This game has a lot of potential.

Time Crisis is an amazing game, and this a nice idea. Here are my thoughts:

Movement: The enemy movements were WAY off. It was as if they were just taking small hops from place to place. Also, make it so that your character goes somewhere else after all the enemies in that location are dead.

Story: This is very important in a game. Time Crisis always has a fun and unique storyline, as well as awesome gameplay.

Characters: This ties in with the storyline. Take some time to make a hero, along with a villain or two. Wild Dog is my personal favorite, although he has repetitive deaths and should not return upon defeat.

Introduction: Make a cool intro giving a summary of the storyline (not in writing; do it in voices), explaining the main characters holding their guns.

Weapons: Give the hand gun infinate ammo. I also think you should add a grenade launcher (only start with 2 or 3 grenades) that will instantly kill all enemies on the screen.

Bosses: The key element in Time Crisis. Give the bosses a small health bar over their head, along with knives or a really good gun. Have them disappear just before gunfights, so you'll confront them later on.

Enemies: Make different kinds, with different guns. Also, have more than one appear on the screen at a time. Give them those red bullets that appear around their guns just before they fire (same goes for bosses). That way, players won't lose life so easily.

HP: Give players health kits, rather than a percentage. If the red bullet I mentioned above gets incorporated, these will be much easier.

Interactivity: Basically the same as Time Crisis; shoot and duck. I don't see any problems, so don't take the 6 in this as a major issue.

My idea for a storyline: One or two agents from V.S.S.E (still don't know what that stands for XD) are sent on a mission to prevent the launch of ballistic missles capable of clearing an entire state. The culprits are Wild Dog and some other guy bent on world domination. After fighting off fierce terrorists and a boss flying a large combat plane, the one or two agents discover a hostage within the compound, and realize they must rescue him/her along with finishing their original mission. After killing more terrorists, they find the hostage and realize it was bait to lure both of them in. Wild Dog and another guy working for the main boss pop out and a large gunfight begins resulting in the suicide of Wild Dog through a detonator. The agent(s) narrowly roll out of the explosion's way, and notice the main boss has a gun to the hostage's head. All 3 of them now have guns pointed at each other, all loaded.

I'll let you figure out the rest, if you ever choose to add all this ^__^

Final thoughts: Add music that you think suits Flash Crisis. I give this entry a 6, but if you incorporate everything I just explained, I'll vote 10.

Sorry my review is so long, but this is a great idea for a flash game.


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Time Crisis rocks. This is not bad of a fan game!

Not bad at all... Not bad at all... Keep up the work.

I hope you get the game to be even more like time crisis (like xiao xiao 4 was... after killing bad guys, your player moves to another spot...etc)

But yeah, this ain't bad at all... All I can suggest is that the handgun needs to be unlimited ammo... :)

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its a lot like the original, and also i woulda given u a better score if it was made earlier.

Way much better than Flash Strike

If you readed my review in flash strike, it sayd I wanted a shotgun...and here there WAS a shotgun!!!!!!!!Now thats fucking awesome, but still it needs a rocket louncher.Excelent job thou! I think this is one of your best games.Keep it up...I hope the next one is better and has the theme of surviving a war. Oh and keep the shotgun.

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3.88 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2005
8:15 AM EST
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