DeweyHigh: Kelly Clarkson

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This is the 8th episode of DeweyHigh, which can be seen at SheriffBenson.com!

This episode was done earlier this year, so the animation and drawings aren't quite up to par as I usually like them. But hopefully you will still enjoy it.
I really appreciate constructive criticism, so if you have any helpful tips or advice for me that'd be great. I am always looking for ways to improve my work, and if you can help me do it, you're awesome!


Loved the art & the voices.

I found the voices to be Napolean Dynamyte-ish, which I usually hate, but I found these fit it well. I was especially enjoying the line "Thanks I like you too want some money," in which there was no punctuation or pauses.

That was great.

Very good!

That was very enjoyable. The character in the cartoon actually reminds me of one of my friends, who would always make up long, intricate conversations with his "imaginary friends." I think he may have been schitzophrenic or something...

...Oh, right, the movie. Very well done! Kudos!

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3.55 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2005
11:12 PM EST
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