Jingle Ballistics

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Christmas Combat: seasonal characters battle it out in a classical 2D 1 vs 1 beat 'em up!

Controls: Arrow keys to move, A and S to punch, Z and X to kick, A + S for special when charged.

Each character has strengths and weaknesses.

This game marks the debut of gavD's new Versus Effect 1 on 1 fighting game engine. You cannot change the controls in Jingle Ballistics, but future VE games will have this facility.



Great idea morphed into a great game the graphics and sound=A+ The AI=C challenging could have gone with one or two more characters but I recommend it anyway

gavD responds:


Adding more characters takes a long time!

Marcus and I are considering working on a new 1 vs 1 beat 'em up... Also, Amoeba Amoeba is nearly complete after nearly 18 months of development so look out for that in August!

nothing too interesting

This didnt really appeal to me although im not sure why. Maybe it was because its a bit like most online fighting games where you just button mash and eventually kill your oponent. Bit samey you know?

gavD responds:

Fair enough. We tried to enhance the basic mechanics of online games by adding counters, first strikes and super combos though.

this game is not so bad

kind of good

oh sweet mother of god!

well basically to think that i sat and played the game then a new window popped up during a fight and i was more interested by the window than the actuall game is more than an insult anyone cud imagine...

basically if i had one christmas wish... It would be that this game and creater was blown up in a hell storm of explosives and poisonous oxygen that killed ppl within 2 seconds of breathing....but overall i marked it a 5 because i completly forgot wth! i was playing because i was soooooo bored ... no offence (even though it is)... >:).

p.s if u like my rude and obvious insults private message me with ur comments :)

gavD responds:

You have the wit of Oscar Wilde, and whilst I wouldn't be so base as to suggest that you share his sexual proclivities, I'm sure your minimal intelligence is reflected in the fact that apparently you lack the ability for (a) decent sentence construction and (b) configuration of a popup blocker.

You puscillanimous assbag.


i hated it it was to boring i couldn't finish the first fight cause i got bored

gavD responds:

Hmm, not to everybody's tastes this one...

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Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2005
2:00 PM EST
Action - Fighting - VS