Jingle Ballistics

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Christmas Combat: seasonal characters battle it out in a classical 2D 1 vs 1 beat 'em up!

Controls: Arrow keys to move, A and S to punch, Z and X to kick, A + S for special when charged.

Each character has strengths and weaknesses.

This game marks the debut of gavD's new Versus Effect 1 on 1 fighting game engine. You cannot change the controls in Jingle Ballistics, but future VE games will have this facility.


cool and very stylish

very nice but i gotta say the anounser voice was really lame. the snow amn was my fav and watching santa fly off the screen when i shot him with my snow gun hahahahahhahahahaha keep it up

gavD responds:

Hey! That's my normal talking voice! ;-)

Nice :D

You may want to add a controll customizer :\ they aren't realy ... well.
anyway nice concept and moves, nice animation and all.
Would be cool if you could make your own character by adding your own stat points... anyway it is good as it is now.. hope to be seeing more games this good.

gavD responds:

You're 100% right. This game was released with the Versus Effect engine powering it - the VE engine doesn't yet have control customisation. We decided to launch without it because it's a Christmas game so we didn't want to miss the holiday season!

nice try

good idea, the game was relatively clean it was just kind of hard to control... oh yeah ELF kicks ASS!

gavD responds:

Thanks man... Yeah, the Elf is my favourite too!

Jesus H. Christ, the toy is SO BROKEN. ;_;

Wow... this game is a fairly competent fighter up until you unlock the Toy. Then... well, his jumping attacks could qualify as Supers in of themselves, as they come out as a fireball, do only a LITTLE less than his actual super (which comes out SO FAST), and knock the other character down. And did I mention that IT ONLY TAKES 4 OF THEM TO FULLY CHARGE YOUR SUPER? =o

Aside from the Toy's broken state and the hilarity that results from it, this is a solid fighter. Poor Frosty's AI is abused constantly in this because he's too slow to stop even Santa from pulling off a Super so long as he doesn't do it too close, and never uses his jumping attacks (which are more or less the Toy's without the insane Super-charging capacities), but meh. The Elf and Santa are pretty good, although IMO the Elf is the best non-unlockable character in the game because he has a Super that's only SLIGHTLY less abusable than the Toy's, has projectile jumping attacks, and is pretty darn fast too, even if his standing Fierce punch is useless. I do wish that there were two versions of the Toy's AI, one for other characters, and one for when he fights another Toy (and if that happens, he uses his jumping attacks and Super a lot more). It's good, but it lacks depth. Oh well, can't win 'em all. =D

gavD responds:

Dude, he's the BOSS CHARACTER, so yeah he's helluva tough!

Finally something a little more original

Great game for the holidays. major kick assery. Could have used a few other unlockables, like reindeer and a few others or something like that. Loved using the toy. Reminded me of a safer version of the tediz from conker

gavD responds:

Thanks dude! I never played Conker, but lots of people really rate it...

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3.70 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2005
2:00 PM EST
Action - Fighting - VS