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Pokemon Quizz 1.4

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Dec 11, 2005 | 9:29 AM EST

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****Guys, before you complain about the slow king question... look on the site****
If you dont like pokemon why did u click on this!
Use the arrow keys!!!! Read Instructions
I can garenty that the IQ test is 100% correct, if you think not, then think harder
I've fixed all the errors and made it a whole lot better
This took me about a month!
If you do not like pokemon, please vote it on the quality and the layout not just on, "i don't like pokemon, BLAM"
Because that's unreasonable
If you still dont like it please say how I can improve it
I dont no much about pokemon, and don't really like it that much, it was originally suppose to be a piss take, but I thought I might as well not let it go to no use, so I made the questions better, so here it is
Thanks for Viewing, Ps i like reviews



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Some answers arent even correct

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Aprime responds:

they're all correct


Rated 0 / 5 stars

its ok but slowbro eveoles into slow king so you got that wrong

Aprime responds:

You're wrong


Rated 5 / 5 stars

antdog it is normal its the first evoultion so its normal then its water / this is easy ill rate 5 anyways

Aprime responds:

Yup. Thanks for the review :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Aprime responds:



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Simple formatting. However, there is a error concerning Kakuna (National Dex # 14). Question 6 claims that "Kakuna" is spelled differently. Grammatically speaking, it should be capitalized because the official Pokemon names are capitalized. Even in Gen. 5 (Black/White), the games' texts were changed so that Pokemon and other important items (like BULBASAUR, POTION, KEY ITEMS) were changed to "correct" capitalization (like Bulbasaur, Potion, Key Items). Other Pokemon (in the questions) fall prey to the same no-capitalization error. In addition, you say:
*After Question 6: "no" instead of "know"
*For Question 7: "messure" instead of "measure"
*After Question 7: "Iq" instead of "I.Q."
*In general, "alot" instead of "a lot," "whats" instead of "what's," and "dont" instead of "don't."
I may sound really picky, but I can't stand stuff like that. Your English teacher might like some of this as well ^_^.
Blastoise might not be medium height. It clearly says that Venusaur is shorter than both Blastoise and Charizard, but nothing is said about Charizard vs. Blastoise. Charizard and Blastoise are simply mentioned as taller than Venusaur. In addition, Azurill is a Normal-type. It's mentioned in the games, and I know it evolves into the Water-type Marill, but Azurill is a Normal-type. Go look it up on, and search "Azurill". It specifically mentions its typing. And, hey, CHECK YOUR SPELLING. I'm heavily offended by your misspellings. (â-£_â-¢)

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Aprime responds:

Thanks for that! Yep there are errors, it's a shame... I was so young when I made this. Ah well..
Half a star out of 5...? Thanks.. LOL