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The Night Santa went mad!

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A wacky music video to the Night santa went crazy!


A place in the Christmas 2005 section!


People need to stop making music videos of this

I love this song and I think a music video for it has great potential but there are 2 others and this is the worst. I think one got blammed or I saw on another site but the other one is in a collection and is much better than this one. This one was too zoomed out and consistid of bad art work and looping movie clips. The other one seeems lifeless and cold but is much better than this trash. This is a discrace.


It was good

Song is better

Song is better in the live version in concert (Yes, Virginia, now Santa Claus is dead Some guy from the SWAT team blew a hole through his head Yes, little friend, now that's his brains on the floor Guess you won't have the fat guy to kick around anymore)

but its not bad.

it waz great..better graphics tho...

great flash should of had better graphics and the green day joke waz great haha

Not bad!

Awesome song!
One of my absolute favorites.
A bit too much of the crazy-santa-waving-arms though.
Good depiction of everything!
overall, great work!

Rudolphs nose aint the only thing red

Well, Santa, Santa, Santa...Wide you do it Santa, why? A renovation THAT massive wasn't needed for another few more years. You could have just given them coal for Christ sake! My God. Lets put the "Christ" back in Christmas...

Ok, the song, one of my favorites in all of life. This flash, not so much, but still entertaining. Good choice in song, and interesting concept to make a music video off of, thats what is keeping this rolling.

The mawi style wasn't the must original thing I have seen, the backgrounds blocky, etc. Basic stuff. Like I said, entertaining but nothing worth while. Keep up though, and sooner or later, Santa will mark you off his hit list...

I mean naughty list.

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3.63 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2005
1:35 AM EST
Music Video