The Super Hero Sex Collab

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Hey guyz. All da parts took 15 minutes to make. The menu took a lot more time to make, made by me (FLCLmonkey) so you guyz betta put me in ur favs and give this 5's and good reviews.

That's all.

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I have to say that i was looking forward to sh sex

I loved that title screen you guys did with this, it was nice and colorful and i loved that design of superman in that cool ass psp!

FLCLMonkey - I felt that heavy polka action!, but seriously that music was weak 7/10

Numbers - You did well with a pee on the headstone joke, nice looking cat, it was a cat right? 8/10

Jelly Rools - Wow that actually sounded pretty good, you could have made the background alittle more crazy. 8/10

Penis Star - Nice choice of music although the quailty was pretty weak. Should have had a couple of more though to fill in the gaps 9/10

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

FLCLmonkey responds:

Thanks. The title screen was the funnest part of this to make. The PSP thing was the neatest part to make of it, though.

The song I just picked up for the neavy polka, so don't blame me.

As for the others, I have no idea what their views are on your review, so I won't say anything for them.

Thanks alot though, man.

you suck

i was watching you other projects, maybe i was thinking "this dude can't be so bad" but you suck! tell someone to write your stories, and just animate them, and maybe then you can get a 2!, you projects lack of creativity and they are just crappy

FLCLmonkey responds:

suck it.


i thought it was fair and it could use some tweeking

FLCLmonkey responds:



Wow, what did i do to derserve that? I cant yell at u guys cause at least u made something, showing SOME skill, but honestly? this was pretty retarded. Dont diss other artists unless you can come up with something more intelligent than a tree trunk ok? I guess that was supposed to be funny, but i got bad news. It SUCKED!

FLCLmonkey responds:

i didn't notice that it was of bad quality at all i thought it was a masterpiece sorry that i released this on a site that encourages releasing flash and excersising art in any form possible sorry.

I Want Whatever Your Smoking....

......CHRIST ON A CRACKER!! WHY THE HELL DID YOU EVEN WASTE 15 MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE MAKEING THIS!? I normally give good well versed reviews of even stuff that I blam.....but this shi....you know what, I can't even call it *Shit*, because no amount of fecal matter would ever deserve to be compared to this! And you even have the nerve to diss people (i.e. IllWillPress) who are obviously much more talented than you?....FUCK....man......there should be a law against stuff like this...

FLCLmonkey responds:

First of all, Christ on a cracker is a horrible term.

And this was already passed numbnuts, so you can't blam it.

And IllWillPress has no skill, and we do indeed have more skill then him. One flash outing does not determine our skill level.

"there should be a law against stuff like this"

I think just because you said that in your rant that you qualify as an idiot. Either learn to stop being such a moron or get off of Newgrounds, alright?

Good day.

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0.85 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2005
7:33 PM EST