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The RobotWars Episode VII

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Secrets revealed
friendships tested
the true start of the RobotWars

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Nice sprites

Well here is a film with some good sprites even as older as they can be they still shine i think in my opinion some added depth to the backround would bring more focus to the sprites the movie here was nice and a good episode and hope to see more you have for sure put in the efforts and the details show especially with the sprite work so on that note please keep making more films like this one


RicPendragon responds:

Oh man, the depth I had planned, well, it was definitely written by a younger me (same issue with Metal Triad) but if I were to do it all again now, I would write a bible for every character and have some real deep lore lol

I liked this movie! I'm sorry about Shadow! :(

RicPendragon responds:

Yeah, I actually really like how much I made Shadow's death matter, and I wasn't going to cop out and bring him back either, he was gone for the rest of the series.


Another nice episode filled with fighting and spirtes. The quality seems a bit lower in this though, and the scenery isn't quite completly, but other than that it's a good episode. Looking forward to many more. Keep up the good work!


RicPendragon responds:

Episode VII, this was the true turning point, I really started to understand some good techniques around this point in time.

i take back what i said about it.

umm... i didn't realy no the story about it so i um... i saw all the episodes. now i understand everything and i take back what i said! =) poor X he has the virus i think. ='(

RicPendragon responds:

glad you finally enjoy the series


i did'int expect the ending

RicPendragon responds:

Exactly ;)