Soccer Hooligans

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This is an old flash of mine that had problems with the fonts in the past. That shit has been sorted. Basically, the movie is about a penguin drug syndicate that sells bad cocaine to a soccer hooligan. The rest is history. (24 fps)

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Soccer you fags!!!

I like violence and dark humor.Nice job you've done there.
Hopefully I'll see more of your creations like this in the future.
To people who don't like this kind of stuff-if you don't like it, then don't watch it or say shit about it.
And you all fags who still say that this is crap and/or you don't understand it-you'll burn in hell pretty soon.
And it's SOCER HOOLIGANS you retards!!!

LinkanMedia responds:

I get a real kick out of people liking my stuff, makes me wanna do more, so thank you :)


hehe that wux my kind of humor dood!!, i like it, i hope this bastards that say: "UH THIS MOVIE SUX COUZ I DON' UNDERSTAND IT, LET's SHOW HIM THAT I CAN TYPE AND WRITE SOME CURSES" don' make you do things like you do with, "The Axe Effect" Flash, well i see another of your movies, keep it up!

LinkanMedia responds:

Thx! The "this movie sux cause I don't understand it" ppl can sod off, I agree.

Weird little thing.

I like dark humor. I like violence. Even if this was a bit weird interpretation of a drugdealer vs the buyer, I liked it.

Good work!

LinkanMedia responds:

I'm with you there my man. I also enjoy dark humor, although not many seem to understand my kind of weird dark humor. Some do though, which makes me happy :) Glad you enjoyed it!


What was that? That was the worst thing that I have ever seen. That was horrible and it made no sense. What a waste of time.

LinkanMedia responds:

What do you mean it made no sense? The penguin sells bad cocaine, the caveman finds that upsetting and wants his revenge but fails miserably as you can see when he dies in the end. What's not to understand? Climb back into the attic, retard.

How on earth did this get on!!?

I have saw more entertaining things in my front garden
and i don't even have one
this is just pathetic
humour, there isn't any to rate
we don't fight like little cowards who have to use weapons
if we want a fight over football we'll beat each other stupid with out fists
infact, being beaten by a 6-foot boxer would have been better entertainment
u suck!!!

LinkanMedia responds:

Soccer, soccer, soccer you sucker, you soccer, soccer, soccer hoooooligan... lol fuck you, you wanna be hooligan. Seriously, grow up.

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2.55 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2005
1:08 PM EST
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