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FMA Dress Up

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Dress up Ed from FullMetal Alchemist any way you want.I worked hard on this game.Hope you enjoy.


nice, but...

Yeah, i just got myself into the FMA series (say yesterday, but already seen the first 10 episodes, so pretty much know what's it mainly about) and i love it, but when u make a dress up game next time, make the objects click on the propper place, there is a tutorial around here somewhere on how to do that, it's makes it look a bit more proffessional, oh yeah i dunn oif it's my computer, but the sound quality lacks here and there...but it's one of the best series to make a dress up about! nice work!

it was good

It was good, but you can better. I liked the music! Thats one of my favorite FMA songs! Good job on that! And next time, try to get Edward Elric's face right. He looked like E.T. on crack...

Well... It was FMA so...

I gave it a fair score. pretty boring but hey! it was edward elric!
The best character of all time in the anime world! Except for Lucy/Nyuu from Elfen Lied but anyway!

wat the @#!% was that???!!!

Wat the HELL were u thinking when u made this sorry excuse of a flash.This was ok until the new FMA dress up game came out. Face it dude your game is outdated.

whaaaaa, kawaiiiii!!!

awesome stuff^^; Although you should've made the screen a little larger, as I coundnt put the rest of the stuff anywhere and searching was quite problematic. Nontheless, good job^^

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2.54 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2005
11:20 PM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up