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The 12 Days of Christmas

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Greetings and Happy Holidays to everyone. Welcome to The Twelve Days of Christmas cartoon. If you're looking for a Televison style animated cartoon you've come to the wrong place. However if you want to watch a Christmas cartoon that's actually entertaining then you're right where you belong.

This cartoon took me about two months of solid work to create so I hope you enjoy. If you want to leave me a comment send it to www.thechinskey.com. So have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as you enjoy "The Twelve Days of Christmas!"

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Since 2005 It has been a tradition to watch this at least once a year. It is odd but has a mysterious charm to it.

Merry Christmas 2015! I decided I would celebrate my watching and reviewing nothing but Christmas movies here. Sad to say I didn't like this. The animation just wasn't that good. It got too redundant. I know that's how the song is SUPPOSED to be, but the artwork could have been better.

I really trust that debunking website on this. It's still a great song. I am at least glad you managed to show the song just like it is. It even has a pretty nice ending. Merry Christmas now and forever!


good video

haha nice!

I thought this vid was pretty cool, the tone was wayyy of wich hurt my ears, though it was funny how u like made fun of the song. Nice job

Nine ladies leaping LOL!

A bit creepy, sad, but overall hilarious...

I'm glad to see some1 who can draw kinda like me (bad) can use it to thier advantage, (creepy, hilarious, and kinda inbred).

I wanna see you mutalate more things man, lol it was like a train wreck, so bad, but u cant turn away!

Ps. My fav part of this song is always five golden rings, and i almost fainted when i heard the voice and the organ's terrible mixing... lol!