Batman : Mr. Freeze

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Thankyou everybody for your commments. They always help, and I appreciate them. I read them all. My efforts will go to improve the weaknesses you have mentioned. This movie was made because one of you suggested Mr Freeze. Now that another one has suggested two face, i have begun to htink about a script and a chance to improve the voice performing. - Augusto


Still ok

Voice acting is your only falling point man, still got some good animation though. Keep up with the good work.

pretty good

This was pretty cool you have great talent but the voice acting was REALLY BAD. Next time Try to emote more or get some different voice actors. But you're visual style was very impressive, keep up the good work.

You need...


Argh, I really wish I could post links here....

At least without my account being deleted. Anyway, I thought that was some great work bringing the Batman universe to life in flash, and gives me fond memories of BTAS. Very nice job on the animation front and good choice on the adaptation material.

But yeah, I'm going to have to agree with everyone else here regarding the voiceover work: You need some help in that department at the very least. If you go into my profile, go to the "VA Resume With No Name" link and head to the "links" section of that page to find links to various messageboards full of amateur voiceover people ready and willing to help out. There are quite a few Batman fans on the Voice Acting Alliance that I know of, seeing as there is an audioplay adaptation of the "Batman: No Man's Land" series. You might do well to check them out, as they've got some great voice actors for some of the established villains in the Batman universe!

Of course, while you're at the first link I meantioned, you can check out some of my demos and see what you think. :-P

Anyways, good luck with the next animation!

Pretty good

The animation was weak at times and the voices were a bit annoying, but other then that it was a real good job.

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4.08 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2005
12:54 AM EST
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