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Batman : Mr. Freeze

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Author Comments

Thankyou everybody for your commments. They always help, and I appreciate them. I read them all. My efforts will go to improve the weaknesses you have mentioned. This movie was made because one of you suggested Mr Freeze. Now that another one has suggested two face, i have begun to htink about a script and a chance to improve the voice performing. - Augusto

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That was great!

Holy cow that was an awesome movie! You made batman very bad-ass and he looked like the batman from the TV show! really nice work!

very good!!! :D

excellent !!! i loved it, nice and long, well animated. just great piece of work. my only suggestions are to
-improve voice acting. it's good! but you have a bit of an accent, it makes it sound cheesy. work on it a bit
-thats it :D GREAT JOB :D:D:D:D:D


The voice acting was terrible..
but otherwise, this is probably the best batman animation on newgrounds. Excellent work, and I hope you continue you work with batman.


it was great make a one with bane

this is a great batman episode!

very good, i just saw the episode you based this on last week.