Metal Gear Ultima 1

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Twas necessary to say that considering everybody who views my movies obviously don’t read my notes about it. Then they don’t know WTF is going on, so it’s their fault.
Fourth movie I’ve ever created, and third movie I’ve submitted to New Grounds. I created a whole new mission for snake, with a relatively new cast as well. Unfortunately I didn’t have my microphone for a couple of months so I had the go to different lengths in order for people to take in what the characters were saying. I’ve spell checked all of this movie so if there are any spelling mistakes it is because I am Australian, we spell some things differently to Americans. I honestly don’t care about getting front page or not, I just hope this animation makes it into the metal gear parodies page
I decided to make a whole new story for snake. Unlike most of the Metal Gear Solid parodies and comical remakes, I’ve decided to make it fresh and not be in much relation to the series that Hideo Kojima is making as we speak (figure of speech [well come on…You could at least pretend that he’s making MGS 4 at this previous moment])
This is part 1 of a many part series, so don’t go winging about the story going no where. Part 2 will fill you in. In this episode, Snakes mission is set in a hostage situation on a boat (Not a tanker like MGS2 or anything like that). A virus has been created and terrorists have taken off with it (will be explained in later episodes)
Philanthropy play a big role in this movie (so that means no involvingation wation of special forces like CIA, FBI, etc…), Philanthropy is now well known to the public (even though they were getting to know them pretty quickly after the tanker incident, Raiden is involved with philanthropy (sorry all, but I thought Raiden needed to be in a decent animation without him getting the piss taken out of).
Warning: This movie is interactive, after all pieces of speech you will be prompted to continue when a small arrow appears. I had problems with the last piece of music in my animation, I had to stream it because it was making the sounds go right out of time with the animation, it may have also been because it was a shitty wav.
If you say this movie doesn’t have a good enough story or no story at all I will have to kill you and burn your house down.
If I say anymore I will spoil the animation, so here it is.

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arrows are really annoying...make the ppl look better


would have been much better without those stupid arrows

It could be more efficient.

The plot was really good but the animation was decent though and i didn't like the fact that you had to keep clicking on the button to get pass the text which by the way would have been a lot cooler if it was voice acted and when a song would play it would suddenly stop when you we're ready to click the button to get passed the text,it's a good start but it could have been a lot better.

if theres a part 2 then it better not be gay

pretty good bu go to youtube and type frabk zappa hes so gay its funny! RANDOM EXPLOSIN SjhdjGSjdhtsfjgchtfx


WTF is this crap...It suck 150%!

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3.26 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2005
12:48 AM EST