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As promised, here is one of my furry games refitted, Newgrounds-ifed and five times as sexy as the original Lovesaber! Find out why Delin Gri is one of my most popular characters and get to know Val Sherbet and Darth Viper.

Note: If you ever submit a game and accidentally upload a non-working version, just let it get blammed and upload the right file again on its own. It's REALLY hard to overcome those initial bad reviews!


I beat it... I love it, good art, cool idea. The mechanics are silly, but I would love to see further development on that and the ending.

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Honestly, it hurts me do give it only two stars...the art and the concept is neat. What throws it off for me is that the hit detection is all sorts of wonky. Plus, there are objects that are hard (if not impossible) to block since they go way over the edge of the visible screen. These issues make it difficult...but all for the wrong reasons.

It's a good idea, but it's also poorly executed. I know you can do better. .w.;

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Way too hard. :(

collision detection is slightly off and objects offscreen or close to is unfair the way the sabre is working.
besides that the art is nice, sound too and idea good too. just needs some work.

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Okay, I FINALLY beat this game. The objects getting a little bit too close to the edge, making it really hard to block, especially with the way the lightsaber is configured. The scene at the end was short, but sweet. Not too disappointed with the ending, but the satisfaction of beating it made the experience enjoyable. :D

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4.14 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2005
8:31 PM EST
Action - Other