Lovesaber - SE

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As promised, here is one of my furry games refitted, Newgrounds-ifed and five times as sexy as the original Lovesaber! Find out why Delin Gri is one of my most popular characters and get to know Val Sherbet and Darth Viper.

Note: If you ever submit a game and accidentally upload a non-working version, just let it get blammed and upload the right file again on its own. It's REALLY hard to overcome those initial bad reviews!

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furries are disgusting you bestial freaks. gameplay sucks.

Hit boxes on the object is the center PIXEL of the object. the hit box of your lightsaber is the middle of the lightsaber. If you hit the center pixel with anything but the middle of the lightsaber you will get hit. Save yourself from breaking things and don't play this.

Hitboxes are much smaller than objects.

bullshit fight part

Pretty good. Nice challenge. Yummy visuals.

If you can figure out how the saber works the game is pretty easy.
Beat it first try with 25 concentration left.