LegendaryFrog - Bad News

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LegendaryFrog goes on a bigg adventure in this epic triller from a bunch of huge faggots stay tuned for the trilling conclusion

oh yeah and for those of you who are still leaving reviews look at the date this was submitted (oh)


U are kidding right?

Plz tell me u are kidding
I really cant belive...

GameSlave responds:

I'm not kidding.

I won't stand for this

You say he was burned only so you can get on the front page. I wish pathetic people like you would shut the hell up and die under some rock!

He is alive and fine. No fire happened!

GameSlave responds:


you guys suck at lieing

ok, first if u were his friends, he would be in your favriots on your profile and second your all clocks or whatever, you just want to decrese hopes so you do better, oh and next time dont make it so unrealistic... try saying that he was grounded or somthing of the like

GameSlave responds:



Why the fuck do you keep trying to submit something that untill I've heard from TOM FULP, or LF himself, is pure garbage....? Stop trying to start an internet "phenomena", cause it won't work.

Blam...........and the music sucks.

GameSlave responds:


its a lie

i heard rumors about this 3 days ago and u know what? HE WAS ON AIM YESTERDAY!!!!!! omg stop worrying people for no reason and why isnt the news on his site if this is true!!!! i mean, they put news on his site about MINOR production updates on his flash but leon his friend and webmaster doesnt bother posting that lf is in a coma and near death?!!! JEEZ!!!!!!!!!!

GameSlave responds:


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2.62 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2005
8:08 PM EST