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this is the most amazing thing on the internet! why haven't I thought of this before?

This is an inspiration to all Flash Animators around.

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i looked at it and said "hey its just the letter b" then i made a perler bead version of it...

It has beat most animators out there. Great job.

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I was 13 and some one in the school Library yelled "Hey come watch this!" I walked over to a group of kids huddled around a computer screen. It was a CC cartoon. After a few chuckles I went home and searched for CC online and found it on Newgrounds.com. I remember watching the same video again and did't find it as funny as I did before, Not because I had seen it before but because I had the retaliation that it was simply crap. I only found it funny before because all the other kids thought it was. Its been 14 years now. I feel like iv watched CC grow from a pile of shit, too a pile of shit with mold on it. But its not about that. Its about the fact a community has developed around it, Inspiring other to think "Hey if this guy can make a steaming pile a shit and get it on the front page why cant I" from then forth a new generation of animators was born. I tip my hat to you CC, Never change a thing.

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3.81 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2001
11:12 PM EDT
  • Turd of the Week August 22, 2001