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Welcome to my flash, hope your all in a good mood! This is my parody of David Firth's Sock 2: Ptikobj.
The original i have much repect for and is the best of his sock series.
The parody has been in production for quite a while, where it was abandoned until Firth submitted the original to Newgrounds. Which made me finish the flash, and more importantly, the voice.
Every animation has been completly redone by me and nothing was traced or stolen from David Firth.(If you watch the 2 side by side, it is obvious that his is better :p)

I hope you enjoy this parody.

James Prankard Inc

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nice ive seen a few cartoons on newgrounds that use music from home movies , very well done

Parodies are supposed to funny right?

Well, this Socklops episode you're parodying is one of my favorite David Firth flashes. I cherish it and watch it often. So, when someone decides to parody it, they better do it justice. While this did look strikingly similar to Firth's it did not make me laugh. That's the thing about parodies, they have to be funny otherwise people won't excuse the fact you're making fun of something good. Mel Brooks knows this. One of the things that bugged me with this flash, was your voice acting. Which was terrible. It didn't sound like a british guy. I have a demo where I do a really good impression of this socklops guy. Yours sounds more like a guy with helium. The only thing I found mildy amusing was the Nationwide joke. You're trying to say the music sounds like a insurance commerical. Well, that I think was clever but it didn't make me laugh or smile even. I do think you have some skills at the animating. In fact, it looks so close to the original, it looks like you copied it. Next time you parody something, try to put your own style into the parody. Exaggerate the original don't just imitate it. I commend you for attempting to parody something that hasn't been parodied but remember that humor is numero uno. Damn I didn't realize how old this is. Many moons ago eh? Well, I still felt like giving a review so bite me. : )

My personal favorite of Firth's as well.

You managed to channel DeVD with expertise and class. Well done.


nice parody


It's ok, David's is way better.

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3.54 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2005
12:45 PM EST
Comedy - Parody