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I enjoy frame-by-frame animation. It looks beautiful, if done with time and care. This movie was a experiment to see if I could produce a good animation sequence. That, and I was working through a few issues.

I think it turned out well. What do you think?

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I used to fap to this when I was like 11 lmfao

I liked it,

I really did, it kinda shows what people do when they kill themselves....but maybe you should of made it longer? Kinda short. But anyways, still, it was good! Keep it up.


i kinda... hated it.

i'm not into porn. as crazy as it sounds. im not.

Incredible FBF

That was definitely a huge step up from your KH movies. Both of those were really good, too, but Gargoyle was just amazing. It's short, there really doesn't seem to be too much of a point to it, but I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of your work. Keep up the good work.

Um... whoa.

What did I just watch, some weird, masochist porn slideshow or something? The FBF animation was really amazing work, some of it really looked like something that didn't come from Flash. Superb job.