Ents Are Cool Too!

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Yeah, so I don't know why exactly I made this... But I did! Anyways, took about three and a half hours to complete (maybe more - I was also doing laundry)... Anyways, enjoy my little rant from an Ents point of view.

PS: If this goes over well, look for a longer, better sequel.

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Smash Bam Pow

This is just helpful criticism, or whatever it's called, so don't rant back at me or I'm changing the hamsters into rabbits. With fangs and adamantium skeletons. That wake up in the night and... well you probably get the point... so there.

Your graphics are improving, though your sound was a bit weird at times. You could've redone some bits.

And is this a preview of LC3? Because why did you use that bit at the end? It doesn't really work for Treebeard... right? *shudder*

*sings the 60s batman song*


I didn't find it all that funny. I like Lord of the Rings but I just couldn't find any humor out of that flash. The animation and sound were okay but the style wasn't interesting. 4/10, nice try man but not my cup of tea.

And dude, what's with your replies to people's reviews? So what if they've never made a flash before, they're only critiquing it. How many movies do you think Ebert & Ropert have made in their years as film critics? While I agree that some of the reviews aren't constructive criticism aren't their points aren't valid, you should look at them as critics and not other flash authors.

Slinker responds:

I look at them as critics when they post useful critiscism. If they're blatantly stating that they didn't like it and not giving any comments on how to improve it, I see no reason to give them courtesy back. It's karma.


well that suck,what a waste of my time and dont even thing of checking my profile i dont have any flash,but just to let you known you known you dont need any flash to know this suck,cause i may not have as many flash as you,but if you want to play this game, i have more exp. points,more reviews,better voting power,higher rank then you in b/s points,more bbs post etc....

Slinker responds:

Yet you're still too immature to give me an actual reason why it sucks. Good job.

what the hell!!

your batman looked like a woman. And btw if you create a flash you should have a general idea or vision of what you want to accomplish with this flash. Treebeard is infact awsome but if your going to rant about something at least have the facts to back it up and DONT WASTE MY TIME!

Slinker responds:

There are facts about why Ents are important? You know they're not real... Right?

oh so disappointing

I love Ents and I love Batman...I didn't know I could have two of my favorite fictitious characters sucking in one movie...

General note: if you don't have a purpose or idea, why create? action without vision is a nightmare.

Slinker responds:

If you don't have a purpose or idea, why create?

Maybe my idea wasn't your typical one. Maybe my "idea" was that I wanted to make a wierd little flash just for the sake of it.

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Dec 6, 2005
1:40 AM EST
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