Sock Episode 2: Ptikobj

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Just an experiment here with different ideas and techniques. It's based on dreams again. It was just going to be about 20 seconds long but it grew. I made all the dialogue up as I went along (you can tell) I tended to ramble on a bit, then I just fit the animations to my mouth words.

All music by me.



Very funny, its like something out of Douglas Adams.

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very random, i'll give you that. pretty funny, in a wierd sort of way... but yeah. pretty good i guess^_^

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I sort of liked it

I dont usually like random stuff like this because it usually seems to melt into a pile of nothingness and silliness.

It was cool with out being grotesque. I think most people dont know what to do with dreams. Really they are just us thinking but in pictures. Of coarse the spirit stuff can come into play sometimes. Through our window.

So thanks for the work.

Saladfingers would be better if it wasnt always so dreary.

You dont have to be macob to have a decent dream bit.

LOTR stands the point. Lovely fantasy. (I know its a story but theres a great deal of dream in there.)

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Great style.

Don't get me wrong, I love your insanely morbid, evil and darkly atmospheric bad-trip-freak-out movies, but it's nice to see you do something this light and fun and easy on the heart. Hope to see you on TV sometime, and I don't mean on the news.

Love it

Hey David Firth, remember me?
Anyway, great stuff. My favourite parts are the dog in the cheese bit and the dog in the guitar :P "Ah sh*t I'm trapped in your guitar like". Haha great stuff.
Keep it up :)

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Dec 5, 2005
11:22 PM EST