Sock Episode 2: Ptikobj

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Just an experiment here with different ideas and techniques. It's based on dreams again. It was just going to be about 20 seconds long but it grew. I made all the dialogue up as I went along (you can tell) I tended to ramble on a bit, then I just fit the animations to my mouth words.

All music by me.


Firth is King

but... I have to say in honesty, this flash is pretty weak. I think it's relatively easy to see that it was mostly improve and exercise. For that, I think it's good but I like your scripted work much better. Oddly, I think your scripted (as in planned) flashes tend to be much more bizarre and dreamlike than this improve one.

Most Awesome Flash Ever

Seriously, dude. this was one of the best flash animations of all time. it reminds me of BOBOBO-BO-BOBO a little bit cuz BO-BOBO is completely random. Your style of artwork is amazing. I love the mouths. the best part was either the guy that was selling tapes with the sideways mouth or the cat machine gun! 7 thumbs up!

I thought it was funny ^^, the randomness rules al

This was an over all good cartoon, there is alot more room fer random stuff, but the animation owns...I wish I could animate like that.....*hangs head in shame*

Another great work david

But why did you wait so long to submit this?

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Firth, you are my favorite flash artist ever.

I was first introduced to your flash when i went into webmastering during lunch and my friend was watching salad fingers. At first is was horrifyed by him. He creeped me out. But i eventually came to love him, and now quote him all the time. I showed my friend and he says he understands why im so screwed up now, but i assure you i was screwed up already, or i would be obbsesed with Mr. Fingers. I think Ill find france another day...

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4.38 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2005
11:22 PM EST