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UPDATION : Holy Hell, Daily Fourth Place? Sweet! Thanks guys!!

Finally, after almost a year of work, Tremen is done!

First of all I'd like to get a few things cleared up...
My name is Zack Goodrich, I'm 14 years old and I've been doing Flash for about 1 and a half years.
Tremen started as a small flash project when I was about 12/13 from a picture I drew and it just grew from there.
There has been a lot of effort put into this, not just from me, but from all those who support me and prod me so I work. Thank the Lord for them! One of the guys I really have to thank is Bruce Asher a.k.a Razyphr, if it wasn't for him, Tremen wouldn't even be finished! So a great thanks goes out to him. Also, I'd like to thank my brother for picking out the music and nit-picking things that were wrong. Sorry if I didn't credit you if I use your music, please inform me, and I will.
Now I know when you look at this you can see a lot of variations in skill, graphics and animation. This is because I did this on and off for about a year, sometimes with about 1 month breaks, so when I came back my ability had improved. Also, Tremen got deleted at one point ( :( I know) and I had to redo a hell of a lot of it. AND my computer could hardly handle me working on Tremen when it was near completion so I had to do it in different .fla's and export the .swf's. Tiresome, I know...and as a result some thing's don't work to well...

But now it's done! And I'd like you all to enjoy the movie!

Contact me if you wish on MSN : zack@phaersom.co.uk
Or go to galenlome.deviantart.com for more details.

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I enjoyed this film alot I hope you make more


An absolutely spectacular. One of the stars of newgrounds im very suprised this isn't one of the few pieces of flash that holds steady in the top 50. This very much reminded me of the brakenwood series. For future flash I would reccomend puting in something unbelieveably cute, for some reason most highranking flash has one.

only one word ... WOW

that is one of the best flashes ive ever seen animation and style wise, it seems to have been so cared for and loved, something that truely was worth it to you, and I think anyone whos seen it,

One little query where does he pull that sword from?
I hope everything else you make is this good, well done


Galenlome responds:

Heh, thankyou for the kind comments, and the sword? Err...let's blame it on magic...yeah.


This animation is underrated. the animation was great and smooth. the characters and the enviorment was what amazed me. you created a whole new world for one single movie. the movie had a very nice flow which made me calm when i watched it. it was exciting and fun to watch. another new favorite of mine!


My opinion was that it was great. Nice animating, its a relatively smooth running flash. Good Job.

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4.15 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2005
4:46 PM EST
  • Daily 4th Place December 6, 2005