Going Down to Newgrounds

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I've heard the song and i thought it HAD to have a music video to go with it. So here's my attempt to make one out of it. I hope i managed to get it right. Pay a visit to Denvish's "Going down to Newgrounds" on the Audio Portal while you're at it. He deserves a fair bit of praise for making such a good song! Happy Denvish Day! *UPDATE* I apologise to the people i had to attack in my responses to my reviews. Yet again i'm not sorry for making my point stand: You should provide reason to your opinion. It's the only way that authors can embrage your reviews. "Blam this piece of crap" is not a review. It's a blunt statement which classifies as a bit of an attack. It's discouraging and insulting. I thank the people who DID give me constructive criticism as it'll help me get a better cartoon done next time i send in a submission.



Nice one, it's all so true.

I prefer this one to the other 'Down To Newgrounds'. Seems as if this one's the original.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

The song is and always will be originally made by Denvish, but the original tribute animation to accompany the song is this one, since it was released on Denvish Day 2005.

Thanks for watching!


the only thing it lacked was subtitles, other than that twas great

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Yeah. Dumb mistake really... It was the one thing that i would've had an easy time doing...

Shame... Well, thanks for the feedback!

Thank ye!

Any flash that puts a smile on my face is a good one. A good tribute to Newgrounds, and it's nubs in the tub!
Honestly, your animation quality doesn't have to be awe inspiring to be good. Personally, I think the visual style suited this cartoon very well. I can't wait to see your next one.
Maybe it'll be about me! (That'd be boring) Shh, voice in my head!

stoners-lunchbox responds:

LMAO... maybe you're not giving yourself enough credit, but thanks for your kind words ;)

It was great to hear this song. The silhouette of the mouse looked like he was Mickey Mouse. I guess all mice look like that. Is that racist? I especially like the Madness parts. You got it spot on. I guess I can't praise the actual song that much seeing as how you didn't make it.

You did the lip synching well. It's great for a quick submission. I guess Denvish Day didn't really become a thing. Well, everyone deserves to be praised. I don't get that optical illusions part.

Great vid for a great song

The art and animation were really good, and the lipsynching was really good. I like the mouse character and the humor in this. However, I didn't like that you reused scenes a lot..

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Dec 5, 2005
12:48 PM EST
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