Going Down to Newgrounds

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I've heard the song and i thought it HAD to have a music video to go with it. So here's my attempt to make one out of it. I hope i managed to get it right. Pay a visit to Denvish's "Going down to Newgrounds" on the Audio Portal while you're at it. He deserves a fair bit of praise for making such a good song! Happy Denvish Day! *UPDATE* I apologise to the people i had to attack in my responses to my reviews. Yet again i'm not sorry for making my point stand: You should provide reason to your opinion. It's the only way that authors can embrage your reviews. "Blam this piece of crap" is not a review. It's a blunt statement which classifies as a bit of an attack. It's discouraging and insulting. I thank the people who DID give me constructive criticism as it'll help me get a better cartoon done next time i send in a submission.



I know that the song is not a great one for a video, but here were my problems with ure video.
- It didn't go anywhere. If i remember correctly, there were (2?) verses that were the non chorus. What I look for in a video is some sort of continuince if it is not incredibly high quality in animation. Your video seemed to be "Hey, heres the chorus. Now here's the verse. Here's the chorus again..." Essentially you were reacting to the song, rather than making the song react to you instead. If that makes any sense.
- I don't think that the song has much replay value, of course that probably has to do with my taste in music. It's just not...something that I would watch again. It doesn't overwhelm me with goodness. Like i said before, if the animation was more drastic, and it wasn't repetative, i may decide to watch it again.

Other than that, it was pretty good. The syncronization seemed alright, although it also didn't seem too complicated to do. The animation fit the song. The graphics were...better than I could do. Not that that statement says much anyways.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Shame you see it that way...

Though you have a point. The animation was good made but it was mainstream... Like you said it went from chorus to verse and back to chorus. I was just trying to fit exactly what the song sang. I don't usually do music videos. The only time i did before this was my "Floor" music video and that was a bit better i guess (probably because the song was actually my own).
The song itself is just a matter of taste... We can only agree to disagree on that one, since you're not a big fan of it, yet i think the song deserves a lot of praise.

Either way, i'll try improving the graphics and for my own sake i won't make another music video for a while.

Well, thanks for the feedback! Yours actually helps!

cool little Jingle...

I like it actually it would be a nice song to here when you go on newgrounds on thanks giving. The animation was decent you know now animation is over the top. Over all i liked it.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

thanks, buddie!


Decent animation, I felt the style was a bit too a la paintshop, but with some reflection, it goes well with the style of the music. However, to be honest, it really isnt anything to write home about.

Upon reading all of the reviews for this submission, some people may be inclined to say that the author takes criticism too personally. He is clearly a talented flash artist, but could certaintly benefit from looking deeper into the constructive side of reviews and comments.

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stoners-lunchbox responds:

I could benefit from that if there actually WAS constructive criticism to look at, rather than simple "not good enough", "didn't make my day", "could've been better", etc. etc.

For the last time. I don't mind knowing that i could've done better. What i hate is that you don't re-inforce your argument. Tell me what exactly could've been better and perhaps i might listen to you. I take it personally when you don't give a shit and simply write short responses without a shard of actual constructive criticism. I received threes and fours before and the ones that actually told me what i could've improved on weren't snarled at. Unfortunately for you, you didn';t take the time to give me a more appropriate response. Moreover you didn't study your "case material" well enough and wound up shooting yourself in the foot like the ones before you.

Give me your opinion but remember to add "why", not just "that's that".

Keep it up

Not bad. Have a nice Christmas.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Thanks. You too!

heres to say...

geat use of flash work but think of who your insulting.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Killbot i don't insult unless i sincerely think you need to read over what you send in. The ones before me were the ones who insulted me by telling me that i needed to "get a life or a girlfriend". I even got a zero from some "fafara" dude just because he wanted to deliberately lower my score. I take constructive criticism with open arms but i sincerely hate it when reviewers have to add their own crap in just because they feel they're in the right. The responses i receive from you guys are reflected in what you get back...

I would've appreciated hearing what should've been improved rather than just hearing "it's crap". It makes no sense and gives me no help with getting better at my work.
Constructive criticism and delibrate attacks are two different things and i'm afraid that i didn't receive much constructive criticism.

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4.14 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2005
12:48 PM EST
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