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Going Down to Newgrounds

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I've heard the song and i thought it HAD to have a music video to go with it. So here's my attempt to make one out of it. I hope i managed to get it right. Pay a visit to Denvish's "Going down to Newgrounds" on the Audio Portal while you're at it. He deserves a fair bit of praise for making such a good song! Happy Denvish Day! *UPDATE* I apologise to the people i had to attack in my responses to my reviews. Yet again i'm not sorry for making my point stand: You should provide reason to your opinion. It's the only way that authors can embrage your reviews. "Blam this piece of crap" is not a review. It's a blunt statement which classifies as a bit of an attack. It's discouraging and insulting. I thank the people who DID give me constructive criticism as it'll help me get a better cartoon done next time i send in a submission.


Furre bluegrass, rarely a bad thing

well written song, with quality layered music. i listened to this like 50 times, and i usually dont like this style of music. very good. good enough to warrent a longer, extended sequel.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

erm... did you read the credits?

The song belongs to Denvish... I DID stress more than onec that this is a tribute for Denvish Day... The song is his.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback... i guess...


I like country and bluegrass. But I like techno and dance too..... We are all one people and stuff. But thats beside the point. Nice flash. Small furry animals torching peoples houses to country music is excellent subject matter. You should work with this some more.


stoners-lunchbox responds:

LOL i'm working on a new toon as we speak... This one is gonna be my hardest yet...

Stay tuned ;)

OMG! Awesome!

Great flash man, I loved it alot. My sister who is a silent viewer of Newgrounds found it to be so true since we both tend to view newgrounds into the early hours of the morning.

Note to -Mj
Are you retarded or just lazy?

"Pay a visit to Denvish's "Going down to Newgrounds" on the Audio Portal while you're at it. He deserves a fair bit of praise for making such a good song!" - Massimo Maitan

The song was not his to begin with! Just the flash! Next time read what the author says, they tend to state something that needs to be taken into account. Like the following, "Pay a visit to Denvish's "Going down to Newgrounds" on the Audio Portal while you're at it. He deserves a fair bit of praise for making such a good song!"

stoners-lunchbox responds:

THANK YOU! Someone who reads the author credits! THANK YOU so much. I was wondering when i'd be finally able to quit repeating myself...

Anyway, thanks for the support and don't worry about the others... They're just lazy... and retarded sometimes...

Peace out--


humor just wasnt original, especially
pointing out the obvious common faults
about ng; such as noobs and madness
clones, which have been addressed in
other parodies. the efffort put into the
song should be accounted for, even
though its obnoxious country.
score: **

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Obnoxiously country? Now that's not fair...

Country music was around before techno and dance were... Don't you people understand anything about music?

*groan* forget it... Anyway, the humour in the song was not funny for you. That's understandable, but it is true that there's too many madness tributes out there. Personally i find madness cool, but i see at least one madness tribute getting past judgement every day and they're always the same kind of action... It gets boring after a while...

Then there's people who release something new everytime they make a flash and they're the ones with a crappy score and a whole lot of hate mail in their review box? That sucks, don't you think?

Anyway, thanks for the feedback, but really... Try being on my side of the screen and tell me what you told me...

Short and Sweet

that had some hilarious parts in it....seriously I should be asleep right now. lol.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

LOL so should i... Matter of fact i submitted this film at 5 o'clock in the morning (i live in Australia, by the way, so for american and english audiences it will not show that).

Anyway, thanks for watching and good night!

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4.14 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2005
12:48 PM EST
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