FFF: Shodown -Chapter #13

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Hello and welcome back. The series hasn't seen an update in nearly 2 years but I never gave up on it. I just bit off too much of the creativity pie and my skills needed time to catch up. I proudly present to you at very long last, Final Fighting Fantasy: Shodown.

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The title comes from the game Samurai Shodown (Correct spelling). And comes with plenty of action crossovers.

In the very least, i would recommend watching the introduction scene of the previous movie (FFF:Power - Chapter 12) to understand what leads into this story. By no means is any of the story neccesary to enjoy the movie, but do keep in mind that the story is linear and this chapter won't make alot of sense by itself.

Lastly the movie may be too small for you, a downloadable version is available at the new homepage for those of you who love to full screen everything. And as always, Enjoy ^^


Most impressive

iv waited for this series to update and now it has , welcome back and i hope u continue making this great series really its reallyreally great and plz dont go away for 2 years again :D

Quite Good.

Hope to see more of these Been waitng quite a while for this.

2 questions though

1:Where's Cloud? I know you put in FF7 guys but where's Cloud?

2:Are the bad guys (Im assuming so far as being Kain, Celes and Lionheart) going to win in the end?

Holy Crap

I have been waiting for this for so long. I didn't think you were going to make another one, I've been wondering what was going to happen. The page turning is amazing. I am just dumbfoiunded to where you have brought this series. It is truely a work of art. I have been a fan since I saw chapter 1. Your development of the story is out of this world. Its so great to see you making this again. This chapter is a perfect 10, and the ending just adds to its greatness.

Yes it's back!

This is really good. I am glad that you continued making these.

Keep it up

I gotta admit, it's good to have you back. I've been waiting for chapter thirteen for a while... But you killed another good guy!!!! i mean come on. Maybe I'm just being an FF junkie here, but Orlandu is about the only powerful character left for the good guys. And the bad guys have Kain + Lionheart + Vivi... I'm hoping you bring in some new stuff to balance that out. Still it's a great movie, just like the others.

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