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FFF: Shodown -Chapter #13

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Hello and welcome back. The series hasn't seen an update in nearly 2 years but I never gave up on it. I just bit off too much of the creativity pie and my skills needed time to catch up. I proudly present to you at very long last, Final Fighting Fantasy: Shodown.

[Download FlashPlayer8 at Macromedia.com if you have problems with the text]

The title comes from the game Samurai Shodown (Correct spelling). And comes with plenty of action crossovers.

In the very least, i would recommend watching the introduction scene of the previous movie (FFF:Power - Chapter 12) to understand what leads into this story. By no means is any of the story neccesary to enjoy the movie, but do keep in mind that the story is linear and this chapter won't make alot of sense by itself.

Lastly the movie may be too small for you, a downloadable version is available at the new homepage for those of you who love to full screen everything. And as always, Enjoy ^^

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What happened to "Duo"? Can't find it in the list.

I still can't believe Edge lost this fight.......

Yet another sad case of a good story being left unfinished. Considering how the animation and art improved in the last few episodes, this could have been truly great if it had continued, but I guess we'll never know now. Another tragedy on the internet.

Splashkhat, I doubt that you read these reviews anymore, but I just wanted to say that you have been a huge inspiration to me here at Newgrounds. I am on the last year of my degree in graphics design and seeing projects as deep as this were a huge inspiration to place me where I am today. I've been following this series since Elementary School and my friends were overjoyed when we had found this episode during High School. I still have all the copies of the episodes you offered for download on your first website and this is the only series I still actively check on every year or so to see if any progress has been made.

I just hope you are aware of how much of an inspiration folk such as you or LegendaryFrog were to the old members of this site. Flash was just taking off on the internet then and people like you set people like me on a specific career path. I'll still keep my fingers crossed that one day you decide to finish this series, not only for the dedicated fans, but for closure to a daunting task you set out to do all those years ago.

God dammit SplashKhat

I loved this series. Why didn't you finish it? I bet you won't even read this comment. Auronguy and I are on the same boat here. You actually inspired me to download Flash the first time around (back when i never knew how to use the program), and that was also back in grade 6 or 7. I followed your website weekly to see how far the progress on the next chapter would be. Why did you just let go? Did you "grow up" like some of the others? Seriously dude, almost 10 years later and it's still not finished. What a disappointment :(