Denvish: Redemption

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I hate this game. I hate that it was such a missed opportunity, I hate that the scoreboared doesn't work, and I hate that it's my second highest viewed submission despite its inferiority.

Seriously, go watch City Planning or my Christmas thing. They're both decent. Or play my Bin Laden game, which is immense. But don't give this slime the oxygen of publicity...


C - Good :S

Man, this is hard. I can avoid the debris, but I keep getting hit by those things that flash on the horizon - not sure how to avoid them, also, I can't make out what's going on with my head - am I completely bald?

I love the bouncing when I get hit

I know you probably threw it together in limited time, but if you changed the premise (ie, non-D-Day) and added some power-ups and different enemies, you've got a pretty good basis for a game there.

Thanks for taking the time to make this =)

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Paranoia responds:

Wow, thanks man!

And yeah, the bulk of the scripting and menus were done since 22:00 on Sunday 4th. I missed a lot of stuff I wanted to add, and a lot the coding is painfully inefficient.

Not bad

I know you hate it but its not really that bad. I lold at the BOOMHEADSHOT.

What song is that?

Way to easy

Why bother having mouse controlled aim, when there is one horizontal line to shoot on. If headshots were at different distances, some possible music options...and a little brighter...I would have given a higher score. Other than that though...everything seems to work well...It was actually fun for a minute or two.

Paranoia responds:

What alternative for a mouse would you have?

But I agree, I missed a lot of stuff that would have made it more challenging.

I really liked it

Nice Denvish Day submission, The game was really addictive and i really liked it.
The sound was like an old arcade, but with quality background music and it gave it a nice touch.
However, even on Denvish Day, try to team up with an artist :( The graphics really let it down...

Great game though!

Paranoia responds:

I don't really want the graphics to be too complex - this seems to run slowly for my PC as it is. But I left a lot of stuff to the last minute in any case - I'd probably have done a lot better without the deadline (either that or not finished at all)

Not bad, not bad at all...

It was ok, but a bit repetitive as most people seem to be saying. I can guess this was knocked up only a short time from hearing about denvish day so ok, i'll let you off.

Paranoia responds:

Phew, I thought I was done for there...

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2.68 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2005
3:17 AM EST
Action - Other