Denvish: Redemption

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I hate this game. I hate that it was such a missed opportunity, I hate that the scoreboared doesn't work, and I hate that it's my second highest viewed submission despite its inferiority.

Seriously, go watch City Planning or my Christmas thing. They're both decent. Or play my Bin Laden game, which is immense. But don't give this slime the oxygen of publicity...

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Not bad

I know you hate it but its not really that bad. I lold at the BOOMHEADSHOT.

What song is that?

Its o.k.

The gameplay was alright...
but there isnt any goal beside the score.

The graphics were kinda not great.
The sound was o.k.
No much of violence.. shooting explosions.
It's an interactivity game for sure.

But, it gets boring in a while...



Paranoia responds:

I didn't like it. I think it's a terrible game. I'm sorry I ever submitted it. STOP PRAISING IT >.<

((( FUN GAME )))

This is is a fun game, i had fun with it, the "ART" was decent, as for the "CONTROLS" notbad very smooth and sharp, responded very well and with little to no lag, so nice work there, also great animations like the explosions, anyways fun game...

Notmuch to really improve on it was very good, maybe a few more optios, mini games and such...

A great fun game with great effort and detail into it, nice work...


Paranoia responds:

It wasn't fun :( I want it removed!

Not bad, not bad at all...

It was ok, but a bit repetitive as most people seem to be saying. I can guess this was knocked up only a short time from hearing about denvish day so ok, i'll let you off.

Paranoia responds:

Phew, I thought I was done for there...

Probably the easiest game ever

All I found that I had to do was stay in one corner and shoot the spammers' heads. It was simply repetitive. Sure, it was fun for a little while, and the music was entertaining, but it sure got boring after I realized I'd been playing ten minutes and nothing had changed. Give it some depth, a little more variety, and more of a story, and you'd have a decent game

Paranoia responds:

You won't rack up those style points if you just keep going for headshots all the time :(

Credits & Info

3.46 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2005
3:17 AM EST
Action - Other