Denvish Stage Dive

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Happy Denvish Day! Use the keys on your keyboard to surf Denvish across the crowd!


nice i dient even know you could do that

it is an asom game with an asom music go for gold this was the best ever

Pretty swell game Mr. Fulp

However, I won't kiss your ass like alot of people will and gtive you tens across the board, though I have been getting into indephth reviews lately, and I suppose you should get one as well.

Graphics: Since when did you become a giant head? The graphics were ok, mostly images and a black crowd that moved a little bit.

Style: This was somethign I had never seen done before, a typing game to keep a guy up in the air. I've never seen a guy into folk music stage dive before :-/

Sound: Great song, the laugh was annoying though, but the song is still great.

Violence: I suppose falling counts as violence, and you tore apart a stage.

Interactivity: I gave it an 8 just at the fact that it was something unique, I had never seen a typing flash game before that was entertaining.

Humor: The music was humorous, and you popping out and constantly giving a half-assed Godzilla yelling impression was worth a chuckle.

This was a fun game, and I bet Denvish is plenty happy to be able to stage dive to his own country music in such an odd game.


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That was one of the greatest flashes ever.

And I'm not saying it becuase it was made by the founder of the site. It was. A great game and I love that song.

Definitly not your best work!

Sory Tom this is your second worst flash(Gameplay Demo is the worst).Its boring definitly not as good as Alien Hominid,Dad N Me or any of your others.Its just okay.

it was good for a while

yeah it was okay for a while but did u have to make the letters switch during the game couldnt it be in like levels or something?

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3.78 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2005
12:03 AM EST
Skill - Typing