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Denvish Day: Teh Ban Bin

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Author Comments

The game is NOT buggy. If spammers are jumping to the walls, it's because of LAG. Right click and switch the quality to low, close out all other programs, etc. I've looked into this and i cant find the cause of this lag. Sorry about this, but you can make it work better by closing out stuff and switching to low.

Happy Denvish Day! Well Denvish day is actually tomorrow but i'm going to be a but busy tomorrow so i'm releasing it not (After 9:00 counts as a new day in the flash portal anyways)

The Spammers are trying to escape? Can you help denvish use his ban stick to keep them inside? Addicting.

If the spammers are jumping around, that means there is lag. Change the quality to low from the right-click menu.

Have Fun!

Can you beat my highscore of 1337?


Pretty good

Nice game, decent concept and graphcs to go with - esoecially the electric shock . Nice effect on the revolving stick, one of those ones that gets you wondering about how its done heh

The glitch from before is still present though, the enemies hop around the screen, youd said this wasn't lag, but it would have been worth looking into, because its rather annoying. Not much has been added since the beta, some extra features unlocked through scores might have been a cool addition, but it does fine without.

Overall quite nice, lacked a tiny bit of polish, and perhaps some extras, but decent submission. Congrats

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

the revolving stick was just rotation, the registration point was the center of the screen. Not too complicated.

Ok let me explain the lag thing.
I have my sound streamed to force the right framerate (plus it makes it easier to control the sound). Occasionally it will need to catch up on a few frames, skipping code and in-between frames. Apparently flash updates their x and y positions, but like skips the direction changing code when it needs to catch up, so they blip to the walls if they are close enough. There is no way to fix this. And i only had this happen once to me.


I never thought such a simple game could keep me happy for so long.

Rhinan_Productions @ hotmail . com

lol it was very cool, not too challenging, though even on low quality the game lags bad, i got score of 880 something, but that was just because one moment, the game lagged, and the next moment, my life was going down a half bar per second or something like that =P. So i didn't make it. Cool game though, hope to see more of your work, and thanks for the possibility to remove characters if they get annoying after some time =)

Keep Up The Very Good Work!!!


Interesting twist on 'Defend Your...'. Fun little game, I like the NG-stylee graphics and it's just SO MUCH FUN to zap them fuckers with my banstick.


The 'GAME OVER' text was funneh.

Don't really understand why it lags so badly (even on LoQ), but I eventually died at 817 because all of them suddenly leapt from the middle to batter the ring, and my stick wouldn't move without jerking about 30 degrees.

Still, cool game =)

Not bad, kinda laggy though. :(

Graphics: They work. Nothing too flashy or impressive, but they're okay.

Style: Not much of one. Between the smooth techno music, the quick gameplay, and the surreal modernness of all the gameplay elements, what you've got here is sort of a mild ambiance, more than a style. Still not bad, though.

Sound: Nice music, decent sound effects, the bare minimum of each.

Violence: You shock newgrounds spammers with a cattle prod, a sadistic and cruel method of banning that probabaly isn't even considered a crime in most states. NG has much more gory games than this dealing with the same subject matter, including "Kill Teh Noob," "Newbie Murder," and of course, "SplatterBlam 5: Revenge of the Blam."

Interactivity: An interesting twist on *something* the *someone* genre of games, you rotate around the outside peremeter of the playfield and try to keep everyone corralled in the middle. Unfortunately, he must be using HitTests or something, because every time I click the mouse when there's more than 5 or so enemies on the screen, the game freezes for a split second and skips about 10 frames, and then suddenly there's 4 people banging on the walls who I would have been able to get to and deal with if only the game hadn't frozen. This game is not well-optimized or coded, which is great news for ME, because it means Armor Games would probabaly accept my submissions if I sent them in now.

Humor: Ehhhh. Been done. Everybody hates people who submit crappy Flash. We get it.

Overall: Not a bad little game. Could perhaps have been smoother gameplay, or a bit more personality to the characters, but it's decent, as far as NG flash games go.

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Credits & Info

3.62 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2005
9:12 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense