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Biography: Master Chief

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Update - thanks alot for front page and daily feature :D
SLIGHTLY LONG! (about 10 min, lil more)
Earlier, last year, I submitted a version of this movie because my file had been corrupted. I put in what I had unfinished of the movie as the result of it all. However, I was able to recover it later, make it better, and most of all, finish it.
Here is the finished product, a comedic look at the life of the Master Chief. 'Hope you like it!


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I found this to be pretty funny. I am just not that familiar with the Halo series. Well, I've seen so many stuff about it, I at least understand a little. The animation is pretty good. It doesn't really hold up after all these years. I still appreciated most of this.

I liked how it was divided into parts. Granted, that probably has something to do with the game. The colors were fairly good. I think it was too long. It didn't really have enough jokes for the whole viewing.

Aaaaaand... It also had the Arbiter, Buuuuuut... Nobody wanted to play as him ;(
I only play as Arbiter! ARBITER 5 LIEF WOOT R8 8/8 ON IGN M9!!!!!11111!1!!!!

it has the master in it so all i can is 5 stars!

but his childhood is far off
the first spartans were children kidnapped and replaced with clones so basicly the chief was an orphan.
Chief has a point too, halo 2 wasnt that bad just everyone is racist to aliens, also
hey the lights on!

lol "*assorted super fun sounds" OMFG