PTFA Guy: Christmas Short

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PTFA Guy, Christmas Style! I was bored sittin around so I decided to make a flash about Christmas. I've been planning to make a flash for Winter time and this was the perfect day for it. Its pretty short. Really short, but its got that one funny moment. I'm working on future stuff but it gets really boring and I get distracted.

Enjoy. or die. Ok you wont die. I still love you. Very much. Ok not that much.


not bad

even though it was really short, it was kinda funny though it would be better if it was a bit longer

aint funny

dis were jst gay aint funny m8


this flash was really gay i meen i didnt get it at all the only funny part was the extra grinch cartoon it was funny BUT U EVEN SCREWED THAT UP u wanna no y cuz u put it dick on his stomach!

i agree with the last guy

this was kinda retarded, imean i likez ur other shit but this was so gay it voted for Kerry in the 2004 elections.

Ryan-Smith responds:

Your gay, that was great.


Dude that was the most retarted... wait no. almost the most retarted christmas flash I've evr seen. Too short, no style, no story, and that Grinch thing was really stupid. I'm suprised that that made it onto the website

Ryan-Smith responds:

I'm surprised you made it to the site!

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3.31 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2005
8:24 PM EST
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