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* I would like to have this in the soundboards collection, so if you guys have the time, can you please vote for this to be in the soundboard collection.

I made a GTA 2 soundboard, Its on the guy that says Kill Frenzy, In most of the sounds theres claping in the background that is supose to be there. Please review it if you liked it or not. Just don't put in your reviews, GTA 2? You should of done a GTA Vice City one or any other GTA game.

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Haha this takes me back because i have the game, and the sounds are great, you even had some decent buttons allthough they could use some color, also you may wasnt to add more to it to make it different from other soundboards, anyways nice job...

Add some color to the buttons, make the soundboard somewhat your own, maybe adding something different then all those other soundboards and stuff, say like add a little "CLIP" from the topic matter of your board with each button, it would be different from the other boards and give yours abit more style to it...

A decent soundboard, lots of buttons, could use more though...



This is an original idea, but like some of your other soundboards, this one doesn't really offer the chance for a funny prank call seeing as there are no questions, or responses, just ridiculous sounding words from a video game. When you make a soundboard in the future, please keep in mind that the point of a soundboard is not to listen to random words, but to prank call someone using the sounds from the board.

um well some people like it...

to have it get past the portal...but this is still pointless
dont make any more soundboards


i needed this sound board like i need a hole in my computer screen - really is no need for this - even though I LOVE GTA

whats the point

why do we need a gta 2 soundboard i could see a gtas- san adreas but not 2

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2.67 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2005
2:40 PM EST
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