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Super Mario World DX2 pt3

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Finally! Here is the final part of Super Mario World DX2! I also changed the graphics of Luigi and Peach. So don't be disappointed! First watch the first and second part of Super Mario World DX2 so the story will make sense. Enjoy!

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((( BIG FILE ??? )))

Ha i liked this my only issue was that the file took forever to download but after it did i really enjoyed it never saw the others dont think i did anyways but this was neat and i think ill checkout the others very good stuff here, keep up the good work...

Just lower the file size if you can...

Luigie peach and others make this a funny and entertaining flash...



Shut up,megawario!The movie is great!


(This review is for all of the three episodes)
MY GOSH, you could have made that into a longer adventure and mde it intersting. And apparently, you don't know Toadsworth and Roy. Toadsworth wouldn't just let Peach go! And roy would have said "Whats up Pops?" or "What do ya want, King Dad?"


Graphics: Super Mario World Graphics, yadda yadda...

Style: LETS SAVE PEACH AGAIN! Adding Luigi don't make it different!

Sound: Normal Mario crap, nothin interesting...

Violence: A normal Mario violence...

Interactivity: Play and replay buttons, hurray... Wait, does it even have replay? Meh, oh well.

Humor: YOU COULD OF HAVE HUMOR... but nope, let's make it a crappy adventure! Like, Bowser could have said when his copter broke "I HAD FOUR MORE PAYMENTS ON THAT!"

To my calculations, a 6/10 is a 4/5. But since you missed your chance of a good series AND humor, I minus the points down to 4/10, which is 2/5.


Yea.....uhh......it was good. BUT....... the repeating storyline, not cool docked points there. For example the -- "i think that gives him a lesson" and "hey! a switch!"

it was all the same. mix it up a bit, man. but....... it was good. i cant take that away from you. nice work.

4 next time: MIX IT UP.
but good, dont get me wrong.

It was okay.

Hey Jon it's Alex. Anyway, I'm here to tell you that your movies were okay. They were nothing too interesting.

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4.04 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2005
2:32 PM EST